Bad Acid Trip!


I have taken hundreds of ecstasy pills in my time and tried acid, mushrooms, cannabis, speed, anti depressants and coke. I am no stranger to the party scene is what I’m trying to say. One night while having a drink with friends I took pills that had acid in them, I was with people I completely trusted and was at ease with my surroundings. Then after partying all night, there was a fly in the house am I started getting paranoid that it had landed on me and brushing it away (it was not on me). A while later I went to get fly spray from the kitchen and when I lifted the tin it felt sticky and I imagined spiders on it and thru it across the room, I was in on my own so I just picked it up and thought “I’m freaking myself out”. Then when sitting down again I felt something crawl into my ear, it felt so real, I could feel it hear it moving about it was frightening (in my head this was an eerie wig). I ran up the stairs without telling no one and on the way up I put my hand to my ear and saw blood on my hand for a second then it disappeared. I got into a room and kept going towards the mirror to try to see my ear but was so afraid because of what I might see so backing of I was terrified! Then I called my friend up and told him there was something in my ear and he was trying to look while I was shaking my head about completely disturbed ( I could still hear it moving!). he was telling me relax it is the acid it messing with your mind, but I’m my head I KNEW there was something in my ear, I even said to him go get me a drink of water to get him out of the way till I got this thing out, I was saying to him I know it’s the acid but I was lying I wanted him to leave me alone so I could get it out, when he returned to the room I had a metal thing sticking it into my ear I could have done serious damage if he didn’t some back when he did. He said to me you’re frightening me which made me pretend I couldn’t feel this because I could see how frightened he was. I was thinking i’m going to have to phone myself an ambulance to get to hospital (not because of the acid but because of the insect in my ear) but then thinking if I put my mobile to my ear it might be ready to come out and run back in.  Eventually I calmed down and the sound and feeling started to go away. I said to my friend about how afraid I had been and he told me he thought I was going to be one of “those” people who were never the same again, he thought it was going to mess my head up forever because it was that disturbing. Hours later when I was coming down and got to the point where u can feel emotion again, I broke down in tears thinking of what ifs and how afraid I had been.   This experience changed me for the better, I am not going to lie I do take ecstasy on occasions but I limit myself and make sure I am always in control. I take drugs now about once every 5 months in compassion to every weekend all weekend. My advice to anyone would be if someone is on a bad acid trip do NOT leave them alone, they can lie to you telling you to leave them they will stop “freaking out” if their left alone but do not leave! I could have done myself some serious damage and not I totally understand how people kill themselves on drugs and during bad trips.
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"now I totally understand how people kill themselves on drugs and during bad trips.<br />
<br />
"My best friend stabbed herself in the heart while we were tripping. I'll write about it on here someday. That was 11 yrs ago and I'm still dealing with the aftermath. I'm a lot better than I was but it took a decade for me to stop living in the past with regret. 11 yrs later I still can't tell my story with out getting anxiety or my body and voice shaking.<br />
<br />
Olivia1298... I saw demons jumping in and out of her body that night. Her whole trip was also thinking she was dead and I was her. She tried choking me and I saw the universe and nothingness in her eyes at the same time. I know what it's like to see what a persons eyes look like when they want to kill you.... it's a look you will never forget.

I had a bad acid trip, I thought I died and everyone around me were demons and I didnt go home so I went "missing" for the night:/ ny kind got ****** so hard

Olivia, read my response above.

Dude tht sucks

I had a bad acid trip a couple of years ago which I have been learning a lot about since, after all this research I made a small short web page as guidance for others possibly experiencing anxiety or confusion:

I had a very bad acid trip a few months ago after taking a microdot. It was all happy until I did laughing gas BAD IDEA the lack of oxygen to the brain inhanced everything and I lost control of my mind completely. I though I had trapped my boyfriend, myself and a friend inbetween dimensions forever. This vision did pass but I then tried to go to sleep which left my mind trying to explain it all and I got lost for hours in visions it was the most painful experience of my life, with visions and sensations going through my body. I recovered ok but a few months later I took 2cb md and weed and when i tried to sleep at the end of the night i had such bad flashback (i was trapped in the same nightmare) my boyfriend called the ambulence and I was strapped down til I became myself again. In the last week I have woken up twice from nightmares of the same experience and cant go back to sleep because I don't want to go back to it. I think about it everyday and find myself constantly persuading myself I'm real and that my boyfriends and my souls are not trapped forever because of me. I'm can't decide if I should go and see a psychiatrist or not....I don't no if talking about it would help or not when I'm trying to forget it. I'm going to learn how to meditate to control my thoughts better. I would really appreciate any advise? I'm very traumatised but determined to fight it and get on with my life. Needless to say I will never be taking drugs agains I never want to experience that again.

I'm sorry to hear that. In the distant past acid newbies were constantly advised to dose low and never trip without a guide. You were regarded as reasonably experienced after 5 trips and experienced after 10.
The experienced user knows how to control the trip even during the possibly unpleasant end phase.
LSD is a very powerful drug and nobody knows how an individual will react.
If you are ever able to obtain good quality mdma, it will probably help you recover from the trauma of your trip. It helped me!

Thats how I felt kind of and it was terrifying, I thought I was in the place before heaven and earth and my best friend whon I took it with were prophets and we had do defeat each others monsters underneath the ground to get back to normal earth

Hey! The only thing that comes into my mind for you is try the breathing technique (for meditation) by the Art of Living. You can find the nearest location for you on google. Extreme cases have been sorted with this very simple breathing technique. It is called the Sudarshan Kriya- you can google this too. Hope this would help you.

i have took pure acid that has not been watered down and i have to say it was the best trip of my life... i had an outer body experience which was awesome... everything i was doing felt like i was above watching myself... i am an art student and takin acid has helped me open doors and use parts of my brain that i have never experienced before....the only bad side effect i get off acid is that sometimes i forget if im breathing or not but i know deep down its just the acid playing tricks

Just last month I had my first bad trip. I got taken to the hospital by my friends because they didn't know what to do. I was doing crazy **** while punching, fighting, and biting them. Then while I was in the hospital strapped to my bed and the doctors and everyone were trying to figure out what was wrong with me I thought I was in hell and they were going to keep me locked up in the little hospital room torturing me for the rest of eternity. It was the most scary awful experience of my life.

Very very similar experience happened to me recently. I was sent to hospital twice and the last time thought I was being operated on by aliens. It was the scariest experience of my life although I am so grateful for the whole experience. It was the wake up call that I needed...

I will be staying away from acid now fo sho!

The only time I did acid was over 40 years ago and things got out of control and I totally flipped out. There was a drunk person in the same room and he was hallucinating (delirium tremens) and somehow I started seeing what he was seeing and I flipped out completely. The next time I saw him he threatened to kill me. After that I couldn't take psychedelic drugs because I'd start to get flashes. About 10 years though I tried mdma and it was such a totally different experience and I finally started to feel better. So sometimes now I smoke pot when coming down on mdma and everything's cool. But I'd still rather not try acid again.

you started to see what he saw? That's creepy.

It was terrible, he was playing bongo drums and it was a horrible noise. I wanted him to stop and was willing him to stop, then our minds became connected and I saw me as he was seeing me, which was as a very large (man size) spider. That was the day before my 21st birthday.

that happens to me and my really good friends all the time like every time we fry.. we talk about it later when were completely sober

I took it straight out of the vial. I knew the source and knew it was real.. I had a similar expirience except I was terrified of being un-even!

Sounds like AMT.<br />
I did it once... it gave me very bad, gloomy feelings. It made me feel really paranoid. And the person who sold it to me told me that it's like acid & e combined. I hallucinated pretty intense things; unlike any acid I've ever taken. Usually for me, acid is trippy and mind-*******... but AMT was full on other dimension ****. I remember seeing this miniature cow rolling around, and I freaked out because it was rubbing its udders... and it was just so creepy.<br />
Plus, I don't think that acid can honestly be pressed in to pills like so many people claim. Acid oxidizes super easily. Acid is normally made in liquid, and it can also be sealed in blotter paper. As for powder, I think that'd be a trickier process that frankly wouldn't be worth it for the distributer/sellers. But I'm pretty much just talking out of my ***... I DO know that acid oxidizes and its not as simple as just dripping it on the pills or powder before it's pressed.

that definitely is acid. I had similar side effects when I was on it. When you get a bad thought in your head **** goes wrong fast.

that definitely is acid. I had similar side effects when I was on it. When you get a bad thought in your head **** goes wrong fast.

this doesn't sound like acid (LSD) you sure it wasn't something else?

it sounds like acid based pills definitely.. iv heard of many bad trips with hat krap.. as well as normal its sooo amazing