Acid Is My Favorite Drug

me and three friends decided to get a few tabs each on christmas, and at the time my friends parents were gon on vacation, so we ended up tripping balls at his house,

downstairs in the basement was his room, he had it painted black with all kinds of stuff painted on the wall he had painted when he was real young with blacklight paint and glow in the dark paint, he also had a blacklight,

the four of us got some of the best visuals ive ever had, and i really hope that i get many more trips like that one, it was nuts, haha

and it was really really good acid, i think it was blodder

hickmansamson hickmansamson
18-21, M
1 Response Feb 8, 2010

Blodder? You mean blotter as in BLOTTING PAPER right? What are you on about?