My First Time

My best friend & I were about 15 at this time. He had done 'shrooms maybe times before. But, I never had. He called me up one night & said he was going to buy some g's & to have $20 ready for an hour or so. I scroundged up some cash & made $20. He showed up at my door with a bag of about 5 g's worth. He had the movie Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas in his hand. I knew this was going to be one wild night, haha.

We went up to my room to get the movie ready & start eating. We put the movie in & put the bag of shrooms between us. We started eating & I just started eating blindly. They tasted awful, but I was starting to feel it. The screen started to stretch wide & all the colours were running from the tv. I looked down at the bag of shrooms & it looked like the bag was breathing. It was really trippy!

We used to smoke shrooms too, there was a dealer in my town who would pretty much put anything in with your weed all you had to do was pay an extra $10 to have some thrown in. You'd go up to his apartment & tell him what you wanted & he'd mix it all right there infront of you. We had some wicked trips together! I don't do drugs anymore though.
Aleighsha Aleighsha
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1 Response Jul 18, 2010

It was, that's for sure. Espeically when we'd get coke in the weed or speed... god, I can hardly remember those times. Well, except for when I'd get super sick & throw up for hours.. ugh, thank-god I quit, haha.