New Year's Eve To Remember?

Actually I can't place the year, off hand, but early 1990's. I cooked at a dinner house in a large hotel-casino, so the atmosphere was laden with alcohol-fueled partying. Unlike the poor souls in the 24-hr restaurants, we would close at 11 pm, leaving everyone just enough time to clean up, and get out to whatever was left of the Old Year celebration plans.

I know Benny and I had plans. Benny was another cook, and our last, best connection for kind green buds. At this time, he had also come into a quarter-pound of cubensis mushrooms (a grower of such had traded the quantity for just one ounce of the weed!). Benny was going to sell me this for $75 (!). This would transpire after work.

He had brought in with him some for us to eat just before closing, so that cleanup would be more entertaining. Benny brought plenty, so we shared with a waiter who also expressed interest. Now, it would be INSANE to be tripping while dealing with customers, or waitresses and supervisors for that matter. However, we timed our dosage so that no customers would be around, everybody just working to get out the door, etc. We had our contingencies covered, or so we thought. We were sooo wrong.

Sorry, it's getting long, so TO BE CONTINUED
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Hahaha you stop writing about your story right when it was about to get goood!