Is it normal to be so totally angry at your husband but want to **** the **** out of them??? We fought/didn't speak for a week, had angry sex and now have been doing it one to two times a day since Sunday. (We usually only have sex 2 or 3 times a week) I seriously want him, but am
Still so mad at him. What's wrong with me?? Lol
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Hello , you are setting your self up for S.T.D.s
Run and don't look back.

Sex is always fantastic when the senses are heightened. I can feel it now.

There's nothing "wrong" with either you or your Husband. Perhaps you and he should communicate so intensely often. Not "Argue" but experience the release of endorphins which accompanies such intense emotional/physical exertion.

Why did you want have sex with him if what made you mad was him having sex with others? Was it hotter even though you knew he had been with someone else?

Lol lie back and enjoy!! I'd sure love to be ******* the **** outta you too!!

Makeup sex darlin. Passionate people do that. I'm passionate as well. So I'm speaking from experience.

True story!

Be careful you don't become a door mat.