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Half-Japanese, Half-White Women (Like Me) are Beautiful!

After endless hours of dreaming about being a model and jealously leafing through magazines, I’m done. I am taking my first step towards making my dreams come true. And that is to admit to myself that I really want to model even though the competition is fierce, there are thousands of beautiful girls, and I have mountains of fashion knowledge that I still need to learn. But I’m just so tired of looking at girls exactly like me and wondering why I can’t fulfill my dreams just like them.

Like for example, Marie Pascal She is one year older than me, and she’s half Japanese and half white like me. Except she is famous in Japan. Why?? Well, it may help that she is from a wealthy family…but because her parents helped her start modeling in Japan when she was a kid. Unfortunately, I don’t have a time machine so I’m going to have to catch up somehow. :

I modeled in Japan when I was four, but I think I was crying in every picture so that probably doesn’t count. Although I speak Japanese, I wish I grew up in Japan instead of America so that I could have had the option of modeling there.

I also see so many other models who are half asian, half white on America’s Next Top Model. I think that April Dawn Wilkner is beautiful and she is incredibly nice for talking with me about being half Japanese and white. When I watched her on season 2, I was so happy because I kept imagining that it was me on the show. I even tried out for season 11 but it was too difficult to be remembered amongst the hordes of women waiting in line to be auditioned.

April Wilkner:

Another ANTM graduate who looks a like me is Fo Porter. She even has my face full of freckles!! But I really like that about her because I am usually so self conscious about that part of my face. I wish that I had picture perfect clear skin because in Japan, that’s what is considered beautiful. Any imperfection caused by the sun is NOT a good thing in Japan…including tanning. Well, unless you’re a Ganguro, in which case you will most likely look like a clown anyways.

So I guess what I’m saying is, I really appreciate that these half Japanese, half white women are paving the way for others like me. However, I want to help the cause and make my mark as well!! So I’m going to follow in the footsteps of my current idol that has spurred my obsession for Japan and fashion: Rumi Lenora. Even though she’s 25, she just got signed for modeling after working really hard in her blog/modeling and finally getting noticed.

So instead of me just putting pictures up of everyone else that I admire, I one day want to be the one being posted about by another young girl that I could inspire. Here’s to dreaming and blogging!

Have you admitted to yourself what your true dream is? And if so, are you working towards achieving your goals??

Truly yours
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I wish you the best with your dream, I hope you make it come true. :)

thank you,you are the sweetest thing ever!!!!