A Poor Substitute For a Dream

I gave up on television about 3 years ago. I got into intensely after a bad breakup. TV seemed to be the only thing left permanent in the world. I felt people were not reliable and that only TV was. My addiction was to pro wrestling specifically the WWF and later the WWE as it was called. They were my heroes through the dark ages, they seemed fearless and willing to emotionally project their personalities: the best and the worst day in and day out.

TV was different, it was a case of art imitating life and to me that was the basis for watching TV. Why watch TV otherwise? I could get more fun wandering around inside my own head.  TV changed drastically I guess around 2004, 2005 - censorship was in. Suddenly you couldn't have the controversy and the chaos that made it such a joy throughout the earlier years. When my heroes and heroines suddenly crashed and burned, it was the ultimate disillusionment. Two of them died, one cheated her b/f - displaying a shallowness that I found reprehensible.

Have I watched TV since? Yes but often sporadically and not with the keen eye or obsessive need that I possessed before. Me and television are divorced and while it was a difficult divorce, I can honestly say I am better off for it.

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2 Responses Mar 18, 2009

I don't even own a T.V..

Interesting. I agree that most of the stuff on TV is junk and we are better off without it. My 14 year old daughter is an addict...we went without cable for a few years but she discovered Judge Judy and the like. I figured that endless episodes of Sponge Bob were better than her watching/listening to all the low lifes on those shows. I know for sure that she's much better behaved when we eliminate TV all together but that's a struggle.