I Have A Big Booty

I didn't have much until after high school when I started to gain weight. I was so damn skinny growing up. So I was glad, when my curves started coming in. I remember when I was washing dishes, my mother said you me from behind. "Oh my God, your butt is getting bigger, almost as big as mine." I asked her if it was a problem. "Just make sure you cover up." she said. Um..Wth! That's when shopping for jeans actually became fun. Spandex became my best friend. lol but I cover up now. Its funny because I could have cared less about my booty until I discovered how much SOME men loved it. The ladies in my family are not definetly not lacking. My boyfriend is Latin and he prefer big boobs that he  refers to as breasticles. But my previous boyfriend was also Latin and he preferred the booty. And all the black guys I have dated in the past preferred the booty, except one. So not all guys are the same. And no, I don't I have no desire to, don't know how to, and don't care to learn. I didn't even know what the hell it was until just recently...I'm so" behind"...(get it?) .Iol m so If youre not bootylicious, don't even feel bad because there are TONS of guys out there who could care less about it, just like many aren't even into big boobs. They might be a leg guy or a stomach guy or I don't know, something else. Everyone is beautiful in their own way. If you don't see it, take another look in the mirror. Everyone has something to work with. You might have the perfect height, or alluring eyes or flawless skin, thick healthy hair, or the prettiest hands or feet, fabulous lips or great bone structure and high cheekbones. You might have a beautiful skin tone that goes great with every color outfit. You might have perfect natural eyebrows. Whatever you have, work it, and embrace it.
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lol thumbs up for ur big booty and advices for th girls

Amazing story

How does a rider for Christ end up here?

I don't know lol I was just reading lol I'm not perfect

I dont know about 'most' white guys, but white guys if you love big booties too, let me know and dispel the myth we've heard.

They do. My ex bf loved mine. I don't know about most.

<---- White guy here, and I have ALWAYS absolutely loved bubblicious butts.

Well said!

Add meeee lil

This is awewsome. I agree with you. Eveyone is beautiful in their own ways. You just don't let people turn you down and say that you aren't when you are. I also love booty too. I would love to see your booty. That reminds me of the song B-double OTY which was on America's got talent this past season.

love that in a woman....very sensual

Isn't that nice your descriptions, great read

whats not to like in a big booty :)


any chance we might see yours on here?

Oh my lord!

sorry...didnt want to offend you...

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At least you can make your booty firm by exercise :)

I like curves in general, but if I had to choose one I'd say I'm more of a booty guy. Although, I like both top and


Love a woman with a big booty!

You like the bootyliciousness