My Heeeeaad...

I have such headaches all the time and tho I'm not 100% percent sure that they come from the psychological problems I have I think they do.

And I get stomach problems a lot of the time. When I have an argument with someone I start to feel sick whenever I talk to them, read something they wrote or anything else to do with them.

But mostly I'm okay with my issues. Luckily.

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4 Responses Jun 10, 2007

The short video below may interest you.

What causes the mind to depart from rational thought and behaviour.

Have you considered allergies? I don't think its commonly listed as a symptom, but thats how my mum's allergies first presented it self, and my headaches dropped off when I started taking allergy pills. Plus, there are all sorts of things that trigger migraines, so it doesn't seem all that much of a stretch to think that it can cause headaches too. Not all that much is really known.

wow you see... i've tried a lot to find out what the headache comes from... and the only two reasons left is stress and something in my brain...

I hate psychosomatic symptoms. I find them very frustrating, but also slightly worrying. Because you're never fully sure if it's just psychosomatic, or something worse. I find that mind tend be associated with acute, severe stress that I'm repressing. Anyway, I hope you work out what your headaches are due to. Mine got to the point where I had cat scanned (CT scan of my brain :P) and once that turned out to be normal, they went away! However, that's an expensive route to take, so I don't recommend it unless your Doctor recommends it :P