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Anyway, the story.

Well, I have had two sets of psychosomatic health problems. Both happened when I was under a lot of psychological stress that I had repressed. Which is to say, I was in life situations that *should* have made me feel stress, but I felt fine and calm. Except for the intermittent blinding headaches (version 1) or the swapping, revolting nausea (version 2).

The first set was due to impending final exams for my university course. Nothing gets the stress levels up like exit exams, especially ones that are largely vivas. But it also marked a major life change too, going from the status of student, to someone with a lot of responsibilities. I was pretty cool about this, mentally, but I started getting these excruciating headaches that would occasionally affect my vision, and they meant I had to keep leaving lectures. In the end, I got sent for a CT scan of my brain, which showed... brain. After the normal result, I stopped getting the headaches (and passed the final exams, although didn't do superbly).

The second set was when I had decided to change my life completely, and I would get these huge waves of nausea, where all I could do was bend over and grit my teeth as hard as I could so as to avoid throwing up. I couldn't think. This became a bit of problem as it started to occur when I was driving up the freeway. Numerous times, I would just have to pull over and stop. Eventually, I made a promise to myself that I would change everything bar *one thing* and then the symptoms went away.

I think the morale of the story is this: Trying to be too cool, calm and collected, if you ought to be stressed, gets you nowhere. The body knows it needs to vent and feel the worry, and it'll find one way or another of letting it out!
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stress I think is what triggered my menopause, after the first few months when I started my company, I stopped my period altogether. pretty dramatic. I think 45 is kinda young for that.

people do NOT realize how much stress DOES affect the body. stress has a colossal affect on the body whether you hold it in or not. however, holding it in does tend to make it worse.

I think repressing my feelings helps...I'm more focused mentally, especially when I have alot of responsibility and I'm under alot of pressure.