It Hasn`t Beeen Rosie

first, my father was nearly killed on the job when i was 12,then he had a massive breakdown right in front of mom worked but she only made enough to pay the rent and water.then,while i was playing i had a accident and broke my neck.i had to eat out of dumpsters .i would have been homeless if it wasn`t for a friend of my fathers.after i had my accident,and because of no insuraence and no money i was sent home.i still couldn`t talk or physical therapy or speech therapy.yeah,america has a great haelth care system,if you have grandparents all died within 4 yrs of cancer.i am slowly becoming crippled.BUT I WILL NEVER LET LIFE KNOCK ME OUT!I WILL KEEP GETTING UP NO MATTER WHAT!

ghostofmyself ghostofmyself
4 Responses Mar 21, 2009

I could make a rap song out of that ... But stay strong

You have the perfect attitude of willpower despite all you've been through. You're doing great. Much respect and best of luck! :)

Stay strong :) I hope the best for you, and good luck :]

Tough Times Never Last..............BUT TOUGH PEOPLE DO!!<br />
you rock!