Actually I've Had Two..............

 A male & a female, at the SAME TIME! Talk about sick little puppies........Actually forgive me, that's insulting...................To the PUPPIES!!!

They went to school with me (we were in our twenties at the time & they BOTH were OLDER). I decided I didn't want to "hang" out with them anymore, the guy was becoming kinda creepy towards me. Rubbing up against me, so I'd know. Anyway, they started stalking me. That's when I got my agoraphobia really bad. Couldn't go anywhere, was terrified they'd be there waiting. Finally had to call the cops because they were calling our house all hours of the night. The cops showed up at her door while she was on the phone with us. Was she ever pissed! The officers did a good job of scaring the living sh!t out of them because I was never bothered again.

Unfortunlately, the damage to my psyche had already been done & I think it's one of the reasons mom doesn't allow me to give out our phone number any more. It sucks a little too, because before Shane left I had my own phone. When he left I couldn't afford it anymore, so now I'm stuck without a phone, really, as I can't give my number out to anyone, & I can't phone out because we don't have money for the long distance calls. :(

Yep sometimes it sucks to be me. MAhahahahaha!!! At least I still got my net. lol

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Mar 12, 2009