Anyone Out There That Had Gastric Bypass Surgery?

Hi! I just wanted to know if anyone else who has had the experienced weight loss surgery. I had it over a year ago. I have lost a little over 100 pounds. I think I could lose more. Maybe 20 or 30 more pound but having trouble losing it. I don't know if it's in my head or if I really need it. I would love to hear more stories out there.

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4 Responses Mar 9, 2009

Hi I had gastric bypass in 2002 in the Bay Area. I was 333 lbs and now weigh 150. I had a few of those weight gains also. My doctor had me go back to the liquid diet for 2 weeks and then I was able to eat smaller meals then. Then I lost more weight. Good luck with your journey 🌸👍

Has anyone had pop after sometime... Or been able to enjoy the regular foods like something from McDonald's or a pizza, anything fast food.... Or has the body been able to adjust to some spicy Indian foods... Please let me know as this is something that I am planning on doing

I JUST HAd my surgery 6 days ago. i am still in alot of pain. i am having trouble finding different thing to drink and eat. i get tired of the same foods

I hit my plato about 1 1/2 yrs after my surgery. I lost total 190 lbs. I gets harder after your 1st yr so dont give up it will come off, mine did but now 5 yrs later and I gain 45 lbs back so just becareful what you do.