My Roommates Friend.....

Ok sooooo after i got out of college i had moved back home and got an apartment with some old high school friends. Was four of us all together... angie, me, donna, an my bff james. At the time i was working 12hr days at this photo lab here that i had applied too over 15 times and went on 5 interviews for because i wanted the job so bad. Ive been into photography since i was in middle school and i wanted a job working there cause this place did it all. Anyway i was working there alot of hours which didnt give me much time with my friends and when i wasnt working i was either sleeping or just chilling at our apartment. So most times when i had a day off i would usually be home alone and just watching tv. One of my roommates donna i didnt know very well she was a friend of a friend and when she moved in we didnt know she had a seriojs drug problem. So she was almost never home and when she was she would be in her room with her boyrfriend. So one night she comes in and has a friend of hers with her and the friend is this skinny as a rail brunette with these glowing green eyes and she absolutely will not shut up. So a few mins later donnas boyfriend shows up and donna drags me into the kitchen and she begs me to keep her friend company while her and her boyfriend leave. I knew immediately she was wanting to go get drugs and probably wasnt gonna be back that night sticking me with her chatty cathy of a friend who while we were in the kitchen kept talking the whole time lol. So donna begs me begs me begs me finally just to get her to shutt up i agree and the two of them leave, leaving me alone with the skinny friend who wouldnt shut up. So were sitting in the living room and we start talking. Or she was talking i was just listening.... she says she is thirsty and did i have something for her to drink. I said sure follow me to the kitchen and pick out what you want. I open the fridge she grabs a soda and as i start walking back to the living room she reaches out and grabs me by the arm and says ya know your really sexy. Loll well if you know me then you know compliments make me weak and i said thanks and complemented her looks as well even though she needed to gain some weight, but i swear to god the second i complemented her she pulls her top down and exposes her tiny little breasts with these huge pencil eraser type nipples and says to me do you like. I didnt say a word i decided to say to hell with it and immediately grabbed her waist pulled her to me and sucked that nipple for all it was worth. Grabbed her *** and squeezed tight and i hear her drop the soda she was drinking..... she grabs my hair and pulls me off her **** to kiss me. Kissing each other hard she starts shoving her tongue into my mouth which is another weakness of mine, once she does this i just go nuts. She was wearing these jeans that were so tight i had a hell of time trying to get them off her. No one else was home so i didnt bother to take her to my room. I get her jeans off lift her onto the kitchen counter throw her legs over my shoulder and start licking her sweet spot right through her black silky undies. Her hips are bucking and wiggling her hands are clawing down my back then pulling on my hair, finally i pull her undies off and dive back down and slide my tongue inside of her to taste a very yummy taste. Now not all girls taste good but when they do then i just loose all control and go into auto pilot mode and dont stop till they make me stop. I guess we went at it for a good 30 or so mins. The whole time i was going down on her. I know she came at least 3 times finally she pulled me up and cleaned my lips off and thanked me. We stood there and kissed for what seemed an eternity.... she hoped down i was thinking it was my turn for some pleasure when i see her go for her undies and pants and she looks at me and says..... Can i have a ride home now lol omg i was furious lol but i took her home which was over an hour away from where we lived and we did not talk the whole dam way except for her giving me directions to her spot. When we got to her house she said you wanna come meet my boyfriend..... ughhhhhh i wanted to rip her face off lol but being a southern lady i politely said no and drove home. Got back home ate a huge bowl of ice cream went to bed to mad to even **********...... lol
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Sorry you went through that, she sounds like a real taste.... as to "too mad to **********"... the only thing that might stop me from that is being too sore...

Naw, had to giggle a lil, she was baiting for a 3some? Your such a giver.


Sounds like the kind of thing you would see in a ***** but for real wow that really is something special.
Love it if somebody threw themselves at me like that

Sometimes in life you need to be clear about your expectations. They can be non verbal but let her know you want it to be reciprical. Giving is a wonderful gift but gettting is great for your soul as well.

Good luck in your ventures and know you will receive what you communicate. Often we do not ask, we do not get.

Jealous I don't have a shot at tasting your sweet nectar, sweetie, but loved your story.

Maybe next time will be your turn

Awww Amy! Hee hee hee! You're pulling my emotions in several different directions at once! On one hand, I wanna give you a big hug of sympathy. On the other hand, I wanna ply you with compliments and then get up on your kitchen counter!

I can tell you this ... if I ever have the opportunity to be in your kitchen, it'll be YOU up on the counter ... the story will be MUCH longer, and have a happier ending!

Lol ohhhhh myyyyy goodness lol naughty girl. Im gonna hold you to that :-)

Can I lie in bed with you, and share your ice cream? :P

Uhmmmm no but you can go get your own out the fridge and then come lay with me lol.... three things i dont share. Coffee, cereal, and my strawberry ice cream lol

PFFTT! I prefer chocolate, any way!


Well ill share mine with you just this once... c(-:

Feed each other spoonfuls? Ooops! A little drop got on you!

** licks **

U missed a spot.... nooo u missed another spot lol uhm sweetie u keep missing spots lol

Hee hee hee! :P


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