Shoes And More

My feet are kind of ticklish so I don't even let my massage therapist massage them. When I was out camping with some other couples, one of the girls with a foot fetish thought it would be fun to ***** me while I was asleep near the creek. I wasn't really sleeping, but she thought I was. The all gathered around me and she knelt down and carefully untied my laces and then took my shoes off carefully one at a time. I thought she would stop there, but she carefully and ever so slowly began to remove my socks, first the right foot, then the left. After I was barefoot one of the other girls jumped onto my chest and held my arms down while the first girl started to massage my feet. While this was going on I was in agony but couldn't move. The girl on top of me unbuckled my pants and fumbled to get the zipper down. Eventually off came my pants. I was lying on the moss pant less and shoeless as the first girl continued to massage my feet and legs. It eventually turned me on and when they saw that they stopped. The girls ran off with my pants socks and shoes so I had to walk back to the camp barefoot.
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46-50, M
Dec 9, 2012