It all started back in 2011 when I was 18, just a few months away from turning 19. I had been using a site called because I was interested in the game it had, but it also offered a social part to the website where you could have a profile (similar to myspace). I stumbled upon one of the "top profiles" due to him being the best at the game (at the time) and I went to click on his profile but it had said it was taken down. Days later I saw it suggest that person's profile for me again, and I did want to look at the page because I was hoping I could get some advice about the game (and who better than the number one player on that website). So, I decided to click it again, and it was back up that time. I sent him a comment just saying "hi" with some dorky emoticons, but I actually didn't really expect a reply. One of the things I had noticed about his profile was how popular he was. I mean he's a veteran of the website and I was just starting out, pretty much giving me "noob status." However, I was in for a pleasant surprise when just moments later he did, in fact, reply to me. We ended up sending comments back and for all night until finally he send me a message giving his phone number saying he didn't want to stop talking to me, and that I should call him. I was sort of nervous because typing freely on the internet is a lot easier than speaking to someone on the phone. But I was so flattered and just in shock that he'd want to give me his phone number even though he could've spent his time with the many girls that left comments drooling over him, he seemed to have picked me. I did call that night and it went amazingly! We laughed at jokes that we were bouncing off each other and then switched to more serious personal stories to get to know one another better. The best part of all this is that this happened a little over three years ago, and we've literally never stopped talking since that night on the phone.
After about a week or so of chatting on web cam, cell phones and websites I decided I wanted to meet him in person. I've dabbled with other "online relationships" before and they never went anywhere because if you never meet up in person they always seem to fade away at some point. I knew that this guy was special to me through the way we just clicked, and I didn't want that chance of us fading away from each other. When I mentioned the idea to him he was very excited! I got a greyhound bus ticket soon after I spoke to him and that weekend I was scheduled to be there. I know that it can be dangerous to do things like this, especially on impulse like I did. The way I looked at it was, sometimes you just have to take risks and experience new things. Due to my past, I wasn't really afraid of much, so it was only normal for me to do something like this at the time.
The bus ride was 18 hours each way, I was traveling from Colorado to Idaho. I wouldn't suggest taking the bus that far for anyone, I was surrounded by many strange people and felt entirely uncomfortable the whole time and there was no guarantee that the person I was going to meet wouldn't be strange in person either. But as I said, I was willing to take the risk, a risk that was well worth it.
After 18 long hours we pulled up to our final destination and my stomach was layered with nerves and excitement. I remember being very self-conscious, thinking that I might not look good enough because I always felt he was way out of my league. But that feeling was taking over by excitement as I stepped off the bus and immediately saw him turn his head around the corner, it was him.. The attractive, hilarious guy I knew I'd be with forever. I ran up and hugged him so tightly (later he told me he was surprised I did that)! From there the rest is history, we spent a lovely weekend and have been together ever since.
To break things down a little bit, in terms of the long distance part. We were long distance for about two years until his parents said I could live with them while he finished up college. We lived with them for about four months until he got a great job because of his education and we've been living on our own for over a year! It's been fun because we still do a lot of the things we did in our long distance relationship, like playing video games online together and what-not. We also have 3 small dogs that we consider to be our small family! I'll attach a photo of him and I from when we first met!
My belief in Long Distance Relationships is that you really do need to visit the person to see if you click in real life just the same as you do online. I feel like if you don't ever do that, than it won't last. I'm not encouraging everyone to take risky 18 hour bus rides like I did lol. But I do feel like you will have to take some sort of risk no matter how you decide to travel. Be safe and have faith!
This is us on our second visit! August 2011

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