What I've Learned Being A Soldiers Girlfriend And How Hard It Is

I've been in this relationship for 2 and a half years and i have to say they are the best 2 and half years of my life. this man can make me mad and happy all at the same time. but things started to go down after he joined the army. iam proud to say that iam dating a U.S Army Cav Scout but i don't hold no recognition when it comes to that. i thought things would be different when he joined but it was absolutely completely different. i will never come first in his life. if something where to happen to him when he deploys this year who is going to be the one to tell me or if tell me at all. i won't get anything to remember him by just the memories. iam hoping that when he comes back for leave this week that he finally ask me to be his wife. nobody reallys knows what us military girlfriends go through. i kno that when my boyfriend was in bootcamp and id get those unexpected calls i keep my phone at my hip at all times when i'd take a shower it would be right by the tub on the floor. and when i would go to sleep the phone is right next me  when i was in school and it would ring i would race to see who it was. iam proud of him for doing something this big. when he told me he was joing i didn't think it was real i was shocked but i went with him down to the recruiters office and i sat and listened to everything they had to say. when he picked his job and the recruiter told him what type of job it was i started to cry and i walked out of the room. i couldn't bare thought of him doing something dangerous. but i stood by his side and thats where i will remain until he returns home to me. everybody ask me how i can do i just wait for a man that might not come home? i tell them because i love him. what more is to say. i kno more about the army talk then i ever did before its funny sometimes cause me and him will talk about it on the phone and my family will just look at me like what the hell r they talking about lol. he is my first true love and i've never been happier and right just because i don't hold no recognition when it comes to the army i hold recognition in his heart.
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Aug 4, 2010