What Ghosts Really Are

Yes ghosts ARE Demons or fallen angels. I know first hand. They want to fool you into believing that when you die you become a spirit that walks around aimlessly, but what they are really trying to do is make you seek them so that they can infect your life and ultimately keep you away from God. They have fooled alot of people. I hate them for what they have done. After I learned this truth, it almost cost my life. They came out of the woodwork and taunted me night and day for months because they wanted me to shut up about what I knew about them, but I refused. They hit and poked me, banged, tapped and scratched the walls, ran around my room or just stood there and stared at me in the dark, screamed and growled in my face, and they even tried to molest me and posses me in my sleep - not to mention trashing my house, hiding things from me, throwing things a me, and possessing random people around me. It was like living in every scary movie all at once (I relate to those movies too well now). It got so bad that they haunted me in the daytime and followed me wherever I went (proving a fact that houses aren’t haunted, people are. They may however stay in a house for some time just to make people think it is a ghost of someone long past, which is a tactic used to confuse the masses). They tried to kill me a few times too, but God was with me because I’m still here. Most of the time they looked like black shadows. They are the worst kind of presence because they have no light in them at all. They are also the strongest, higher in authority (take charge of other demons), and do the most damage. Other times, they present themselves as human-like (solid or transparent in white or color) usually having devilish faces (although they will have no expression when they are trying to fool you in the beginning and confusing you, causing you to wonder whether or not they are good or bad, or making you asking yourself “what do they want?”, again, making you curios enough to seek them for answers). These guys are weaker and lower in authority. Most times, these two types haunt a house. The lesser in authority move in first, the greater move in later to cause major damage (another affective tactic). That’s why, if you have ever seen those shows on TV about haunted houses, they say that there is a male presence controlling others in the house (like females or children). It's true, but it is only this hierarchy I just spoke about. They are just all in disguise (and are not male or female). They all have a different job, but all work together for the same purpose basically to hurt you and get back at God. Anyway, this event changed my life forever and I no longer see anything the same as I once did. I now know now who they REALLY are

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I agree with the above. I have encountered both, but when the feeling of anything uneasy is around is when you need your faith as a shield of armor. let them know they are not welcome in god's house. for it says you are his temple, say the lord's prayer and in doing so imagine god's light surrounding u to where it blinds them and everything else out. feel the warmth, feel the protection, know god is stronger than they. let god fill you, do not question the shield, be the shield. all things are done through christ who strengthens them. it is a spiritual battle that you cannot fight on your own. it is quite literal when people say there is a demon on one shoulder and an angel on the other. make your choice who overcomes you, you know who has the upper power.

Although you are on the right track there are a few missing pieces of your puzzle. I know from experiences my self similar and way more in depth that there are both good and evil presences that people claim to be ghosts or spirits. I have ran my whole life to stay safe ind ignore them. Keep on the right track your answers will come.

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I never saw a ghost in my whole life or felt the presence of a spirit.