Electric Night

I got up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom. I slid my feet into my slippers then I turned on
my bed room light. I grabbed my robe at the foot of the bed, and put it on. I decided that it would be best to start leaving the kitchen and bathroom light on until dawn because the house was very dark. I couldn't see much in the house, but I bet I would have met a few things along the way to the bathroom, like a table, chair, and maybe the wall..lol. I opened my bedroom door and something seemed very different about the look of the living room, I couldn't figure it out right away, and I couldn't understand why I was able to see more clearly that night. It appeared to be extra light coming in from somewhere, I thought maybe one of the kids, my have left a curtain open, and the street light was shinning through but I can assure you, that definitly wasn't the cause for the light.
while standing in my door way I looked around for the source of light, and I found it.
To my surprise, there was an unusual light, that appeared to be coming from one of the windows, that was located, above my DVD display cabinet. I tried to figure out why the light from outside was so bright that night, and I never open those curtains anyway, this was strange indeed. I decided to go and look out the window. but the sight of something stopped me. This is the only way I can describe what I saw that night, so please bare with me.

First, close your eyes, and imagine for a moment
how lightening looks as it streaks down across the sky, before a storm.
Now imagine that, if in some possible way, you were standing below them and was able to capture each streak with your hand, and hold it in place.
Then another one would come down
from a different direction, and criss crosses the 1st one,
you grab that one as well. A 3rd one comes from yet
another direction, a 4th, a 5th, 6th and so on, and you grab them all, then finally, you release your hands,
and they are all frozen in place.

Now if you can, imagine that,
ever streak frozen, is connected to each other forming one continuous
line, (no curvy lines all straight), all sharp distinctive lines with angles. Even though, you captured each streak individually, they now are joined together to form something more powerful .
I didn't see anything solid about these strange light, only the streaks themselves, but since they were all connected to each other. I was able to see through it, it was 3 dimensional. It seemed to be displaying some form of energy like electricity, this light was brightly illuminated and sparkling, I also noticed that it was hovering, which gave me a very eerie feeling. This light was
watching me, as I watched it, we both were studying each other it seemed.

In size I would say it was about 3ft, in both width and length, and was about 4 feet off the floor.
There was only one color that I could see, and that was white, (white lines it was made up of), and the darkness that showed through it from the back of it.
I stood there in shock, watching, and wondering, what was it going to do,
if it meant me any harm, or did it come with a message, etc. Questions in my mind were popping up quickly, but I had no answers. I knew what ever it was, and where ever it came from, it had a much higher intelligence than man, then in the mist of my pondering thoughts, it vanished, right before my eyes. I came to the conclusion that, what ever it was, wanted to be seen, because it could have vanished a while ago, it purposely stayed there. Till this day, I don't know what it was, or why it showed it's self to me, obviously not to harm me in any way, because it could easily have did that.

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1 Response Feb 25, 2012

Years ago by grandmother was dying of cancer and I was in the room with her and she seen something like you are talking about. I didn't see it, but I knew she was serious. Only thing I could think of to tell her was grandma, God is here. She could no longer walk or sit up without help. But she bent straight up in bed and looked right at me and said, God is here! I don't know, but your story brought back that memory and who knows maybe it was God or someone you once knew.