Haunting Residence

The apartment I lived in for two years previous to my present residence had several experiences I could not explain.
The tv would turn on and off on its own.
I put a potholder back on its hook on back wall behind counter. I walked away and then heard something behind me. I turned around to see the potholder on the floor -3 feet away from where I'ld hung it -not below the hook on the counter but away cleared the counter onto the floor. So I picked it up and rehung. Turned around to continue -heard something behind me again -turned around to see the potholder on the floor again same place. Went back picked it up again and rehung. This time I just stood there. The potholder lifted off the hook and like it was being carried moved 3 feet through the air and dropped to the floor same place. I couldn't believe what I just saw -trying to make sense of it. I couldn't -so I said you win and walked away leaving it on the floor. The next day I rehung -it never did it again.
Coming home from work I could not get into my apartment. The deadbolt from the inside was locked. There was no one inside. I had to call the fire department to get in. They had to use the ladder and break a window to get in. They said that the deadbolt was activated from the inside all the way up over and down and that someone had to have done it. They searched and found no one. They said it was the craziest thing they've ever come across and asked me if I had a ghost.
One night watching tv in the living room -the tv shut off. So I got up to use the bathroom and it turned back on again. I felt like there was someone in the room with me. For the hell of it I grabbed a candle and lit it. I asked out loud if there was someone else here with me to please affect the flame in a way I would be sure to know that I was not alone. The flame turned blue and sizzled and sparked for much longer then any coincidence and beyond a doubt I knew I wasn't alone. And was suprisingly unafraid.
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I just love ghosts. Don't you?

it's a fantastic phenomenom thats for sure . . . this one even though I lived there alone I was not the least bit afraid . . . for whatever reason I felt calm . . .
one time I babysat for someone many many years ago and I was watching tv in their basement family room when suddenly out of no where the air abruptly changed and I knew beyond any shadow of any doubt I was not alone in that room just then and I was being watched . . . I could even tell exactly from what spot in the room . . . and I tried so hard to see but I could not see it . . . but I felt it . . . and I felt fear . . . cold solid fear . . . when the owner/parent returned I didn't say anything . . . she told me her husband just passed away 2 months previous . . . in the basement family room . . . I still didn't say anything . . . and I never went back . . . there was something very wrong there . . . and I absolutely had no interest on finding out what . . . scared the crap out of me . . .

Yes, things like that do happen. I am rarely afraid since I'm so use to seeing them, but there have been times when an energy was so massive and ful of anger that I get uneasy. One in particular that I haven't had a chance to write about yet made me, and others so dizzy that we could hardley stand to leave.

If that ever happens again you being locked out. Say I am going to leave now and I will be back in about an hour. Make sure the dead bolt is unlocked for me, so I can get in. Believe it or not talking to spirits like this works. Sounds like yours was a playful one and was just being silly.

it's interesting stuff that's for sure . . . thanx for the tip and the comment my friend . . . 8D

i have lived in several places that had occurences.a rocker rocking so hard the back was slamming the wall.found out several yrs after i moved that a man in the upstairs apt.had died a few yrs before and blood etc...dripped down the ceiling right where the rocker was.

wow . . . that's freaky . . . but fascinating . . . thank you for your comment . . .