I Wasnt Alone

a while back a family member past away of couse i was sad i was very close to her ......a couple of weeks past by and you could her some one running back and forth the room i freaked out it really felt like some one was in my house my family didnt believe me until they experience the creepy  feeling. I looked for cleansing person and that seem to work .
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2 Responses May 12, 2012

She can even be just looking out for you. I actually had a dog that my parents save from the pound when I was a liitle girl. He protected me with his life and even let me dress him up in ballet outfits. Looking back, he didn't like it but he let me do it because he loved me. He was hit by a truck one night. He was the best dog ever. Years later we had moved. My parents got divorced and I was in my new house. I remember getting ready for a shower and dancing around and goofing off. I looked in the mirror and clear as day, my dog was laying behind me, there watching me. He didnt scare me, It was like the world slowed. I started crying because I realised that even in death he had never stopped protecting me. I said out loud "Pass on. I am ok." I havent seen him since. When we have a true conection like that, sometimes the loved one feels that they need to protect us and remind us that we are loved.

Most spirits are just people who died and their spirits are in limbo.They pretty much are as mannered as they were in this life.If they were rude while living they would probably be rude in limbo.This spirit you speek of i believe is still in your home,just when you tried the (cleansing) he figured he was bothering you so he is just being more polite.That is my beliefe....