Is This Haunted Or Am I

My paranormal experience happened when I moved into a house on Vine street. I was working at a factory all day, then came home to make dinner for the kids then off to college for a few hours in the evening. This one day I didn't have classes, so we decided to have dinner and make it a movie nite. I got home from work a  little while after the kids. while I was making dinner my daughter kayla asked me where the electric heater was, she wanted to take a bath and the bathroom is real cold, it's a add on to the house. I told her it's upstairs where it always is, in her room. She asked me if I would go get it for her. No one likes to go up there too much because their is a long hallway and whenever we walk down the hallway you get an urge to run like someone or something is behind you. So I went up to get the heater, I tried to open her door but couldn't. We don't have any locks on the doors so I couldn't understand why it was so hard to get in her room. I pushed a little harder and was able to squeeze in the room. It was the heater that was in front of her door. I looked around the room for a minute and didn't notice anything out of place. When I brought the heater to my daughter I told her make sure she put the heater in her closet when putting it away, not in front of her door. Kayla said " mom I didn't if I put it in front of the door how did I get out walk through the door or fly out the window lol ? Then it dawned on me yeah true your room is on the second floor and there is no other way out of her room except through her door. I thought it was strange but didn't dwell on it. My stepson arrived he was coming over for dinner and movie nite, he was 23yrs old at the time. We ate dinner and talked about the day and laughed together.  The kids searched through the dvds but couldn't find one they wanted to watch so we checked the tv, oooh yeah Fear Factor is on tonight. We loved watching that show, some people in this world would do anything for money. The kids would dare each other to do stupid things when they watched that show. I asked my stepson Jason where is Kayla the show is going to start soon. He said she was sleeping in her room. I said would you go wake her up, she said she wanted to watch fear factor. Jason came back and said I don't know where she is, she's not in her room. we looked around and couldn't find her. I didn't mention Kayla was 14 yrs old at the time. Everyone in the house went searching through the house yelling Kayla, Kayla where are you? I stopped for a second because I thought I heard something. Again I hear what sounded like a whimper. I said Kayla?  I'm standing in her room and I hear her crying, I look over at her closet and I see the full size mirror she has, it was prompted up against her closet door. The mirror weighs like 35- 40 lbs, it's pretty heavy. I move the mirror and their Kayla was in the closet crying. I calmed her down and asked her what happen, why was she in the closet. She said she didn't know, the last she remembers was she was sleeping in her bed. She said she heard me yelling for her which woke her up and she was in a dark room on top of boxes and got scared and started crying. I was angry and wanted to know who did this to her, the joke was not funny at all. Everyone swore they didn't do it. Actually the only one who could of done it was her stepbrother because he was the only one who could of picked her up and move the mirror. It couldn't of been Jason though because he was with me the entire time. A few days later I was downstairs, no one was home beside me. I heard a bang from upstairs like something kind of big fell over, I was thinking the mirror. I went up to check it out. Looking through the bedrooms not seeing anything, until I got to Kayla's room. Their was nothing heavy on the floor but there was Kayla's posters all on the floor, but they were in the shape of a cross, that scared me a little. In the next few days noises were heard and sounds of someone walking around upstairs when there was no one up there. Lights on when they should be off, tv going on and off by themselves.  Around a month later I saw cockroaches not just a couple but a lot. I hate bugs. I always made sure the counters were wiped off, no crumbs and the kitchen floors were always mopped, I did whatever I could to prevent getting bugs. So I didn't understand why we were getting bugs. Next came the mice, more and more mice. I mean it got bad, after I put the mice poison down I was finding anywhere from 10-13 dead mice a day. The mice bit holes through out beds it was terrible. Besides the strange things going on in the house and the noises, Kayla being put in the closet, the heater in front of her door, the posters on the floor in the shape of a cross and now bugs and mice it's too much and I put my 30 day notice to the landlord and moved out. That house was not the only place I have experienced paranormal activity. Every house I moved into their was always strange things going on. I never seen spirits or anything paranormal growing up . It wasn't until I had my oldest kids did I start seeing and hearing, I guess recognizing that there was things going on in my homes that was not normal I was 20 yrs old when I had my 1st child and it was like 2yrs later I started seeing and hearing strange things. I know this story is not too scary but it's true and a little strange. I have other stories that are a little scary and creepy.  All my experiences left some sort of impression on my life. I don't bother to move anymore because of what I might see or hear or feel because it will only happen in the next house I move into. Even the place I live now, there is paranormal activity going on. I will write more of my paranormal experiences in the homes that I lived and currently live, I hope you enjoyed my story.
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Yes I did enjoy I'm from eastpn and my experience is it is a very haunted location would love to hear more

It seems your house isn't haunted but you ARE!

I enjoyed your story. I too have had things happen to me, I posted 2 of them already and im a new member, trying to get use to this site. I will add you into my circle, hope you accept. Was just thinking maybe you have something attached to you. Iv'e actually had to have my pastor come out to my home to do a blessing. Thank God things have subsided here, couldn't take much more. Cant wait to hear how things are now :)

I never had luck with any medium. I think you have a gift I do not believe you have an energy around. Energy left is not moving mirrors and such. I am studying to become a demonologist and it's amazing the stories I have heard and read. I did enjoy your story and thank you for sharing it with us. For me I like to face evil head on, and I believe an eye for an eye. I would have went off on anything that would have shut something up against a door where my child was. You are a very smart women to know you are not alone and you seem to be handling your gift very well. I hear and see things as well and I have lost faith that there is still good spirits around. I don't ever encounter them anymore if that makes sense. It's like I just run into the bad ones. On that note I would love to read your other stories. Please take care. I am sorry if my writing is a mess, I have a free spell checker, and it replaces my words sometimes and it's terrible. lol Please take care!

I, too, grew up in a neighborhood with a 'presence' and poltergeist activity.Several religious prayer services were conducted and one day it left, never to return. For a long time I was able to sense spirits and they seemed attracted to me. I went thru a negative energy/ aura cleansing with a psychic medium several years ago and it does not occur anymore.<br />
Sometimes when a door is opened, you have to have a little help shutting it again. You might want to check around in your area and find out if there is a medium who is reputable and honest who can help you rid yourself of this attraction from the spirit world because if it's not banished from your life and your children's lives it might follow your children. <br />
'Manifestations' are presences that like to hang around and cause problems for you. They can try to cause your children to get involved in things that are not good: drugs, drinking, etc. They can attract negative or evil people in your lives that could potentially cause you harm or harm to your family. I know this sounds obsurd but I have seen it and I had it happen to myself and my daughter.<br />
Please call on someone you can trust. Perhaps a minister who is not dogmatic about these things can help. Some ministers do not believe but some do. You will need to find the right people who can help you with this. It's important for your children and for yourself.<br />
If it's not a spirit and it's just negative energy from wherever and it's around you, then a medium with a good clean reputation can help with that also.<br />
Prayer, holy water and burning anointed St. Micheal candles have helped me. The candles should be anointed. You can order them online from religious supply organization. Good Luck!

It sounds like you are attractive to these spirits for one reason or another. Do you have any idea why that might be?

Hi I'm not sure I'm thinking it could be either because I'm extremely interested in the paranormal, or maybe because I'm a very spiritual and try to have a very close relationship with God and maybe that draws some spirits to you, they maybe looking for help of some kind or need me to pray for them, I'm really not sure. I have some more stories from other places I've lived at. Including the house I'm in now. I will try and write one of them tonight. If you have any suggestions of why some of these spirits are attracted to me, I would appreciate your opinion.