My House Has Been Called A Nexus Point By Wiccans And Some Shamans Have Said I Am One.

The house I live was my brother'# dads house till I bought it. I used to visit it when I was a kid. The first experiences were from my brothers. They saw moving shadows when light sources were stationary. It came them seeing a ball of light in the kitchen doorway and they tried hitting it with a broom. The broom passed through it and it chased them from the kitchen out the front door and into the backyard before disappearing. Since I bought it at odd times of the year every wall, window, and door will be hit hard enough to rattle the floors, and without anything to cause it. When this happens I have watched the doorknob move like someone is trying to open it but can't and when I open the door everything stops and outside is silent as a grave, and I live in a country area. I have seen shadows, 'demonic' shadows with horns and wings and red eyes that turn withe the blurry head, headless animals, with bloody stumps where the head should be and red eyes floating where eyes should be, people have woke me from a dead sleep to ask for food and actually got in my fridge and food disappeared seconds before I reach the kitchen, and I see the fridge light kick on and the shadow of the door open and close, but when I get to the kitchen no one is there and the food is layed out. Have been woke by a tall individual with a broken neck. And have been touched in my backyard or been watched by 'things' in my yard. When I had chicotay and xavion they would act strangely in places and have even "freaked out" or cowered in specific places in my house and at other times flatly refused to go into certain rooms they usually slept or ate in. At this moment activity has decreased except for waking up once to something touching my face roughly, and once being jerked off my couch while I was asleep hard enough to end up hitting the wall across from it which both were new experiences. Usually I am never touched or hit or anything but others have seen the things as well and have been scratched or roughly handled and these things have been seen at peoples homes who I have visited. To this day I have found nothing to cause these things and have no deaths in the home and it is from the fifties or forties and was moved here from maryland or elsewhere, and is not on burial ground, and its history seems so far pretty uneventful mostly, but in my bedroom in front of my air conditioner is a large area that when walking over the floor there you feel as though you are being electrocuted. Mostly I have not been harmed, as I have heard is common for these experiences usually, but they have started getting more aggressive and abusive but seem less frequent as though the energy it takes to be agressive is more draining. At this time it has been quiet for about one month and one week. Usually the banging happens around august to october and sounds like a bus driving through the house with no engine or vehicle noise, or a very large crowd beating on my house from outside and wanting in. It all occurs mainly at night about 1045 to 520.
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I know what sound you are talking about in my old house I would hear it as well. I never did figure out what it was. It sounds like you can live with it, I did for 26 years, it's like you just get used to everything. The problem is it's not your home that's haunted it's the land. I have wiccans in my family. I do know when they would dab into black magic of any sort, it brought real problems. The animals and the things you are talking about sounds like maybe satanism was done on those grounds. Which could explain a lot! I am actually studying demonology to become a demonologist I am studying under a priest. I am taking a serious gable by doing this, and I am playing with fire. But I have seen demons with my own eyes and I know they are out here. You could get a hold of the nearest Catholic church and have them see what they can do to help you. If that is not an option and if you are okay with everything going on, more power to you. It takes a special person to tolerate the likes of evil, and I'm sure you know this. Just please stay safe and protect yourself never show fear as evil prays and draws it's energy off fear from the living. I assume because you said the activity has slowed down. I am guessing because you are not in fear there for, you are no fun for them to pick on, if that makes sense to you. So this is why they mess with others you know. One thing evil loves and that's fear. Stay safe my friend and I wish you all the best!

So far when I am away for awhile, energy seems to drain from here so they have less power. The shadow with wings andd a bulls head with goat horns I hear is a common one to see. Looks more like a black mist or smoke than a shadow. And as far as being ok with it, no. as far as a priest, not an option, and as far as fear, not true. It just doesnt seem to want me as much as those I know. Mostly because I have realized I do not fear death. I accept it and the long journey after. I was nearly killed four times so far. Drowned at age four. Hit by a car at age 18, once walking and once on a bike, and had been in multiple fights with knives in oregon in self defense homeless. What has allowed me to survive so far has been called sheer willpower, or a grace from god as a miracle. My name means gift of god or messenger of god, and seems I am compelled to help anyone in need, even though I am cynical and sarcastic, I am a protector. Why they seem to enjoy taunting me but harming those I know is a mystery. As far as spirits, not all are bad, three or four are apparently guardians over me and have intervened numerous times in my life to save me, though they seem more active with me than I have ever heard of anywhere else. At times it is sad and unsettling, and I worry if life or death came up involving me and anyone else I would be saved no matter if I could help the other or not, amd in turn they would be lost. As far as land, strange things grow here in odd ways. Bugs I dont recognise, and plants I dont believe should grow here thrive, and some average plants grow beyond normal. I have used quartz, amber, amethyst, and onyx, jade, and odsidian for warding in varying ways and combinations and the crystals have been found as dust numerous times. Advice given to me many times has been leave and burn it salt it or purify it, but if it doesnt work, I fear someone else being less fortunate than me if they came to live here, and it is coming close to its most active time of year here soon. I have come to believe either the entities feed off of me or cannot act without the house being occupied. Also this house is over 75 years old and was moved from another nearby town. I think its history is a key to its activities, and my supposed abilities in the "supernatural" or "paranormal" have some connection to it as well. But no evidence, of course, as they are not very picture friendly or talkative. My accounts and friends accounts are all the proof available without experiencing it first hand. They are not egotistical or easily provoked, but instead, intelligent, and in some way goal directed. They do as they intend no matter the provocation used, except rare occasions when you read the bible in the house. Even quietly or in your head they get angry.