The Girl..

This happened last year, i'm no to sure what month or day exactly. I was on my computer and my brother was next to me, he was playing the xbox. It got kinda cold and i sat next to my brother to tell him something. When i sat down on the couch i glanced over to my door and i saw a girl sitting in the corner. She was obviously a ghost because she was kinda white gray-ish and i saw through her, she was sitting with her legs up against her chest and her arms were wrapped around them. I couldn't really see her face, she staring down, she had long black hair that fell to the sides, i could kinda see her face, but it was black, there wasn't anything there, she was wearing a hospital dress. She didn't look up at me and she never said a word to me, i looked away and i looked back, she was gone. I do think she's here in the house because at some points my house gets really cold, but i know it's her because most of the time the air is off. Sometimes when my door is opened a little it kinda moves little by little, my mom says it's the air but the air never hits my room. I don't know why the girl is here, i don't here her talk, but sometimes i feel someone touching me, sometimes i wake up with a bruise or a weird scratch on my body. I think it's her trying to tell me something, what do you guys think?
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1 Response Aug 8, 2012

A website I write for there is questions just like yours all the time. Here is the thing if you are waking up with bruises and or scratches this isn't a good spirit. There could be more than one spirit in your home. If you are not afraid you could take pictures all through out your home and blow them up and see if you see anything in them. Also evp sessions are really good. You don't need nothing high tech that cost a ton of money. A simple recorder works just fine. Just ask question while recording and play it back and see if anything answers you. I don't believe any ghost of a child is left behind, I think evil takes the image of children. I think this way because of things I have seen and that's went on in my own life. Some at my church said they always hear evil comes in many ages and sizes. You could google ways to protect yourself in your room. Actually I am part Native American my great grandmother was very into protecting her home and keeping evil spirits out. You could google Native American protection against evil. I would type things out but it would take forever. Also I have learned burning white tall candles helps. I actually have no idea why but for me in our old home that was once a funeral home, it did help. Good luck to you!