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This is my second story. The other one is over on "I Live in a Haunted House"
However, I did move, to Michigan, and lived for eight months in my brother's vacant house before purchasing my own.

I will tell you in advance that I don't believe in ghosts. I'm just documenting the things that happened in the house, and I'm writing them here for want of a better place. I don't know what the real explanation is for any of the things that happened.

The toilet in the house ran from the start. Nothing would fix it. Eventually I had a plumber in, he replaced all the hardware, balls, handle, everything, and the toilet still ran. I had him back and he scratched his head in puzzlement and could not figure it out. The toilet would be just fine until I went into the living room and got comfortable to sit down. Then it would start to run. If I didn't sit down to get comfortable, it didn't run. The chair was no where near the bathroom. The sewer pipes were nowhere near the living room.

On the day I moved in, I tried to get my lamp working in the bedroom. It was a new antique reproduction cast iron lamp with a spin switch. It had a new light bulb in it. I spun the switch over and over again. It wouldn't light. I kept at it. I cursed it. Finally, the darned thing lit...dimly and briefly....and then it died. I cursed some more. Then, I don't know why...I thought to check the plug. I looked...the lamp wasn't plugged all. HOW... HOW could a lamp light that was not plugged in??????????

There were problems in the rooms upstairs with the electricity. There was an old push type switch up there. I went up to try to turn on the light one day, to store some boxes, and the light flickered and wouldn't work. I thought to myself, "I'll have to tell my brother the electricity isn't working up here".

The next time he came over, I went to show him the switch upstairs that wasn't working. He pushed it, and it worked just fine. However, after he left, I tried it, and it wouldn't work. It would never work for me when I was in the house alone.

The next thing that happened was in the kitchen. I had a glass of water sitting on the kitchen countertop, which was made of ceramic tiles grouted together. I reached out to get my glass, and as I reached for it, the glass slid away from me. I thought immediately of water action beneath the glass...and thought perhaps the water under the glass had built up, causing it to slide. I tried and tried to duplicate the effect, but I could not.

The next thing to happen was at 2:05 a.m. on the night of March 5 2010. I woke from sleep, uneasy for some reason, and as I was lying there in bed, suddenly I heard a noise. It sounded exactly like a woman moaning, in the bathroom. It sounded exactly like a woman who was deathly ill, moaning and moaning. I mentioned that the house was over the sewer systems...and I have no idea if the sewers would be capable of carrying moaning noises up through the toilet and into my bedroom so clearly.

Last, and just because there are those of you who DO believe in ghosts...I will mention that my brother told me, before I moved in, that the woman who owned the house before him had died in the house. I won't pretend I didn't have a little superstitious moment or two, living through that...but I do believe there are probably practical explanations for most of those occurrances. I haven't been able to figure out the lamp.
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Very interesting and scary. Can you please keep us updated on your experiences?

Thanks, Kathie. If you can figure out why that darned lamp lit up when it wasn't plugged in, you would be helping me solve one of the big mysteries of my life! LOL!!!

Interesting Rolle.... There are things that we will never know until we do.... I have to my knowledge never experienced paranormal activity, but I do believe in it....thanks for sharing.... :-)