My Childhood Home

I was raised in the woods of central Louisiana, on land that was owned by my great uncle. I didn't notice until I was older that our family homes were built from the same design. The surrounding houses were occupied by my grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins. This was family property and we all grew up roaming the woods behind our homes.

When I was a kid I experienced the supernatural daily, as did both of my brothers who are older than me. There were many occassions where dishes would fall, water would run in the kitchen, or figures would raom the hallway. The most memorable ghost is the one that appeared most frequently. He was a tall, thin man and his build suggested he was caucasion. I say this mostley because of his stance and clothing. He was a dark figure lacking detail but his manor of dress was apparent. He wore long pants, flat shoes, and a top hat with a frock coat. The first thing that comes to mind is Abe Lincoln, but it wasn't him! Lol. He's not the only man that dressed this way at a certain point in time.

At the end of our hall were my parent's room to the right and my brothers' room to the right. Sitting in the livingroom, you can see straight down the hall. If we were up late enough he would appear. He would pace back and forth from one room to the other at the end of the hall. He was always looking forward, never down or to the side which indicates that he wad in deep thought about something serious, or possibly angry though I never felt anger from him. He was there atleast several times a month.

It wasn't the house he was haunting. The house isn't old enough. I believe it is the land, because that land has always been thick with energy, and full of various spirits. I was told that close by our home were old indian mounds, but I couldn't say its absolutely true. However, I think it is possible.
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Aug 29, 2012