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see when i was born i was 6 months old my grandfather (on my dad's side) died, he was shot. My mom knew he was haunting the house. she said there would be times I'd sit in my crib and it looked as if i was playing with someone. it was my "imaginary friend" which was my grandfather, i called him Boy. Well then when i was 7 my dad's brother Richard died and my dad's grandfather was still alive and my grandma (which is dead now) went out to smoke, i was staying the night with her it was 11:11 or something and i looked up and it looked like a body was going to the sky and i said "look granny grandaddy (my dad's grandfather) is going to heaven. she called my mom to tell her to check on my grandfather and right when my mom went to call to see if he was okay my aunt sue (Richard's wife) said my uncle just got in a car wreck off of New Haven Hill, Ky. then i came up with another "imaginary friend" called new boy" then it was obvious that i could see and hear ghost. Cause when I'd talk about Boy or New boy I'd describe my uncle and grandfather. i remember when i was about 6 or 7 i used to have dreams about a little boy getting into a car wreck and i would see him. well there for a while i didn't see him anymore but after i moved out on my own I'd see and talk to him (and i am 20 years old) even my fiance would see him. i am staying a week with my parents and their house it haunted. (its not anyone they know) i was laying in one of the spear bedrooms i woke up it was about 3:50 or 4:00 am i woke up and at the foot of the bed i saw a woman about in her 30's or 40's she was petite and she wore a LONG white gown starring out the window and i couldn't go back to sleep. and before i woke up i had a dream about i woman with a long white gown and long dark brown/ black hair blowing in the wind and when i woke up i saw her i freaked out i told my mom and my mom said she seen her to staring out the kitchen window. i am under the impression that she died of a broken heart (grieving herself to death) then i was told by my mother that i am "sensitive" to the ghost world. and that i needed to be VERY careful. it seems like i am one of the main people for ghost to talk to. at first i used to be scared but now i like it!
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I'm a sensitive to, I see and hear all sorts of odd things and I can't feel different presences in the room with me all the time, I learned to ignore it