My Old Home

When I was in my 20's my then husband and I rented a beautiful lakefront century home in a small town in Ohio. I was pregnant with our only child. My brother, strangely enough, had rented the home a couple years before we did, but I don't recall him ever saying anything about its residents. When we first moved in, it was pretty quiet, but then as time progressed, there were footsteps in the attic, and on the second floor, when I was home by myself (he worked 2nd shift). Frequently, I'd feel something in the room with me, but never saw anything. Fast forward a few years, after my divorce, my daughter and I were living there, she was 6 maybe when things started happening. I would feel fingers rubbing the back of my neck, after she had gone to bed. I would see a lady in a long dress with a cape and a bonnet watching out the window by the front door. Sometimes I'd see her at my bedroom door if I left it open at night. My daughter would be playing in her room, and I'd hear her talking to someone, granted at that age they all have imaginations, but she'd be carrying on a conversation. I asked her who she was talking to, she'd say Andrew. I thought it was her imaginary friend at first, although I thought it odd that she'd have a boy for an imaginary friend, since she was SUCH a girly girl at the time. She described him to me, a little blonde boy, with older style clothes. She had a rocking chair in her room, it would rock by itself. She would say momma can't you see the old guy sitting in it? Around the corner from our bedrooms was our bathroom and the door for the attic stairs. The door opened all the time by itself...and no it wasn't wind, it had a sliding lock on it. And still, it would open.....The dogs crate was near the attic stairs, and she would constantly bark at the door....maybe she saw something too.

My current husband and I started to date while we lived there, but he would avoid coming over to my house at all costs because it was creepy. I moved out before we married in 2008. The scary thing is that Andrew came with my daughter.....and still visits her. I haven't seen him, but I do sense him. She says he likes me ok, except when I call him Andy....he hates being called Andy.
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That was cute:)

I am 14 (Faked the age on this to view decent stories :Z)

Anyway... I live in Scotland (Which everyone in the world knows is famous for its ghosts.)

I used to live in a house when I was like 5 or 6 but I can remember perfectly well.

We would be watching ghost stuff and we would hear someone walking up and down the stairs. The lights would flicker on and off with all of us in the room but nobody near the switches.

And the most terrifying one... The voices coming through the speakers of the TV and stereo saying. "Run. Run as fast as you can."