Another Danged Lamp Story

See my story "Documenting Michigan"...I could never find a rational explanation as to how a cast iron lamp could possibly have lit when it was not plugged in.

Well, I fixed that lamp...I got rid of it. Don't mess with ME!

I have another lamp on my bedside table now, and I live in a different state, in an entirely different this has nothing to do with the house, or the lamp, apparently.

The other night, I went to bed and I switched off the lamp. It WAS plugged in this time....just switched off.

I was lying there in bed, thinking, and I was upset about some things that had happened that day. Suddenly I had a VERY profound thought that gave me some rather life changing insight into my own feelings.

JUST as I had that thought, the freaking light bulb in the lamp next to my bed turned itself on....then it went off again.

If it wasn't so weird, it would be one of those cartoons...where the person gets the great thought and the balloon appears over their head with the lightbulb in it....LOL!!! Only THIS was real...

Just like my story Documenting Michigan...if anyone can give me a rational explanation for why my lamps are lighting themselves I would appreciate it.

Rolle2323 Rolle2323
61-65, F
Oct 26, 2012