My Haunting

My haunting starts when I was about 20 or 21 years old. I was living with a friend, where it seemed everybody just sorta moved in there if they were in need of a home. One day I was out running some errands and I came home went to mine and one of our roommates room to find everyone gathered around my bed playing with a ouija board. That experience is a whole seperate story. But they played with that thing for what seemed to be hours and after I was fully creeped out and so were they, it was decided to get rid of it. I never once touched the board because I knew better.

A few days went by and the owner of the home walked in from work and she just sorta looked at me and said " have you seen my phone?" I told here no last time I seen it was the night before on the mantle. And we discussed how it wasn't there anymore and she was late for work so she went without it. We started looking for it and I went to the mantle and there it was. Now the wierd thing is, we looked there in the very begining and it was not there. We brushed it off and went about our day. The next day I was making dinner, as it was my turn, and I heard a "THUD" I turned around and at this point I was more than startled and noticed the cupboard was open. Ok..... I closed it and finished dinner. I seriously was begining to feel like I was in a paranormal movie (the found footage genre wasnt that big yet so I talk of like entity and things like that) In the mean time My friend was not acting like herself. We mentioned it and she just rolled her eyes and said she was fine.

Over the next month the activity was becoming more and more active and by now we were well aware something was wrong. A book actually flew off our tabe at one point. By the time we realized it though it had started affecting the children as well as ourselves. The negativity created by something like that was causeing a gap between all of us. We were fighting all the time. Not getting along at all. I called a close friend of mine and she did a blessing and cleansing of the house and it took a very long time to get things back to normal. Shortly after that I moved away and I just recently started to talk to that friend again, but we have never brought that up. And I am sure we never will.
Now I live with my parents, whom I am a caregiver for, and we have a friendly something here that seems to pick on me once in awhile but it is nothing like that one time long ago. I do not feel threatend and feel safe so, for now, we live peacefully together.
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Maybe its a house gnome. I love house spirits.

It feels nothing like what was in that first house I mentioned I feel very safe here and with it. So maybe. Also I think spirits are attracted to me or something. Meh probably

When you open yourself to spirits in actions like the ouija, they become attracted to you. Though I have my own opinions on "harmful" spirits, I know that some can create a very strange and thick atmosphere. I can assure you that they are more than unlikely to harm you.