It's Just Setting In...

Yeah, i have but nothing really MAJOR. Looking back at it-when I used to be in the den (where the computer was) I would usually have the door shut-and to get to the den you had to go through the kitchen, I'd always hear footsteps, assuming it was my mom. So I'd open the door, nobody-I honestly didn't think much of it. This happened A LOT.

What got me was...

1. One night a church down the street burned down! So, (i NEVER sleep with my door open) one night I was sleeping..and all of a sudden i heard my mom's voice say "GET UP, GET UP-GO TO THE DOOR!", so i sleep very deeply and HATE to be woken up, so she said it again "GET UP NOW-GO TO THE DOOR!!). So in my half sleep stage(oh, my bedroom door was WIDE OPEN) -i went to the door and looked out..i saw fire trucks, fire hoeses..the works. hit me-if she told me to get up and look outside where was SHE? I looked all around..finally went to her room..she was SOUND ASLEEP..i mean there was no way from the time "she" said get up until the time i actually made it to the front door (which was 5 steps) she could have gotten back in he bed and went into a deep-snoring sleep!!!

2. night I had to go to the bathroom (which i never do). Before I went in, mama called me and asked me if I was okay and why was I slamming the door..I told her that I had JUST gotten up to go to the  bathroom and didn't even touch the door... hmm...

3. One day I stayed home from school, so as you know when you open my door, you've in the living room-and naturally the front door is there. So I was waiting on her to get home, we were going somewhere, and I heard jiggling at the door. I assumed that it was her, didn't have her key or didn't wanna use it because she knew I was in there. I opened my door..nobody! So..i thought maybe she went around the house to get into the den's door. I looked outside..nothing. About two minutes later, she called me telling me she was on her way...

 So needless to say I was in a haunted house, flies would STAY in he kitchen 30 a a time. Thank God, there was nothing vengeful or anything..but it was kinda weird. F

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FRENCHY you are stoned out of your mind arent you?HAVE you ever read the BIBLE?No way if you dont believe in spirits that are not of evil decent.

thank you frenchy!!! i love your point!!!

Lostprophet has a point.<br />
Don't accepting of a supernatural entity, especially one that tries to cause harm.<br />
When someone dies, they're dead. There are no such thing as they ghost returning to guide you or anything like that Sylvia Brown, John Edwards rubbish. Satan and his fallen angels are at work and the prize is your soul. Pray people, just pray like never before, even if you have to fall asleep on your knees.<br />
Stay well and God bless.<br />
<br />
P.S. Do not take theses thing lightly....

i believe ghosts are demons! after all ..there's only good and bad in the world, why would God send down something to frighten you? Even if the "ghost" doesn't harm you..why would something be in your house to "send chills down your spine?". Thanks for your story,tho

I have lived with a ghost for a long time now, and my husband saw him one day. He looked like he as about 11 years old, and he is harmless. He just makes a lot of noise, like the noise you talk about. We have heard the door opening, walking through the house thinking it is each other, and find no one there, or we come in later. We don't think much of it any more, and just recently gave him a name. When things happen, we call out his name and tell him to stop. He stops for a while, and then he will start up again. Like I said, he is harmless, we are not crazy, and it is for real. No flies, no other signs or evidence like to hear or see in movies, and we are not spooked by it any more. We have learned to accept him. <br />
<br />
Once you become aware, it is not so scary, so don't let it frighten you.

Lol. <br />
It's kinda sorta "chilling" looking back on it. <br />
And the flies-never flying around in the house. Just always in the window!

Spooky and kinda cool, except for the flies.