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I lived with my parents just after they moved to a new state before I went off to play army. When we were checking out properties, there was one I really didnt like. It was a nice but small house, but I just hated the feeling I got on that property, especially around the chicken coop. In fact, when they bought it  I could not go near that little building. And the room i was in was just down the hill from it, when i looked out my window, there it was; it was looming over me in a maleficent manner and i avoided looking out the window. A few weeks into living there, my mom shared with me, some thing that she did not want my younger brother and sister to know. When they bought the house, the real estate agent had to tell them that the husband of the lady who sold had commited suicide somewhere on the property. We were never told where, but due to the fact that even as a child I have had many unexplained experiences of a spiritual nature, we all believe it must have been out in the chicken coop.


Leaving for basic training from that property was like a weight off my shoulders, nothing weird has ever happened there, my dad now uses it as a tool shed, but I cannot bring myself to go near it still. I still get that feeling of pure evil off of it, and I am not one to go around "reading auras" or "searching for vibes". In fact i do not really put a lot of stock in the people who claim to do it, I think most of them are full of crap and that the people who can do it, see it as a curse like I do(for the rare experiences I have had), they dont want to advertise it.

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Isn't it a wonderful feeling to know you are not crazy?!?! There is a room in my ba<x>sement that I will not go near either. Something terrible happened to someone there. It is under the stairs. Also my bedroom closet is always cold no matter what time of year. It is 2 stories above that room. Doors open and close. Some ob<x>ject fly around or get turned around. I smell unfamiliar perfume at time. But I never see apparitions.

I am a mixture of psychic/ghost sensitive and I don't broadcast that information either. I and my mother and my second oldest daughter have the strongest abilities in our families. I have so many stories that I could tell you about ghosts and haunted houses but I will share one or two of those and a couple with my and my daughters psychic ability. I moved back to my home city and there was this house that belonged to my mothers landlord and I was able to rent it. It was a two bedroom and immediately my daughter chose the room up front and when she walked in she said how cold it was in there. So she called me over and when I stepped into the room it really was much colder than any other room. It was January and not really a cold time in the south. We looked at each other. It'd happened so many times before that the idea of a haunting didn't phase us anymore. A couple of days later after everything was put up and hung up one of my mirrors fell off the nail and hit the Exorcist video that I had and cracked the case. I didn't think anything of it until it happened again the next day and I said okay maybe that's a bad spot for a nail so I shifted the mirror set to the other wall and moved the videos over there too and the next day the same mirror fell on the Exorcist video case again and cracked it for the third time. Then it dawned on me that something in that house did not want that video there so I threw it in the outside garbage can and the mirror didn't fall off the wall after that during that entire year we lived there. I had smelled Lavendar most of the time there and one night the landlord had come over and I asked him if someone had died in the house and he said no and I said are you sure and he said yeah no one had died there and I said well this house is haunted. He is a strongly religous man and got angry that I'd said that and told me that it wasn't true and that he didn't believe in that stuff THEN he tells me that the woman who'd lived there before had a heart attack on the walkway and was taken into the house where she died before the medics came but he said he still didn't believe the place was haunted. Some people are just stubborn like that. My daughter and I used to guess cards. I'd be the sender since my ability is stronger than hers and she'd guess 9 out of ten every single time. We showed one maybe two people this and they would trip on it. An incident with my and my daughters psychic connection is one night I had a detailed dream about my daughter having her baby early and there being problems with brain dammage from the baby being dropped on the floor and I woke up in a scream and it was more of a vision than a dream and I immediately sent my daughter a email message since it was 2 in the morning. I called her at about 8 am because I had the "feeling" that I should and I asked how she was and told her about my dream and that I'd sent her an email message.that is when she told me that she'd been taken to the hospital at 2 in the morning with contractions and that she'd be on bedrest for two weeks which meant she would not have gotten my email and had I waited until she got to work she wouldn't have known about my premonition until then. I told her that I felt I had to be there when she had her baby or something like my dream would happen and it was arranged. Like I said when I tell my daughter these things she KNOWS to believe them and doesn't doubt what I tell her. It weirded her husband out but that is nothing compared to the dream I had where I saw her going on a trip and something went wrong so I called her and asked her if she'd been planning on going anywhere and she said that she was taking a trip with a friend and I warned her not to go and that if she did something bad would happen. The thing with my daughter is when I have my dreams or sights she listens to me because I am not wrong. So she cancelled that long trip but got it wrong and instead of not making ANY trips she and her husband drove to another city to see his parents. In my dream I had seen five men in regards to her husband and a meeting that he had to attend. I mentioned this to her. So on the way back from this short trip something bad happened and they were stranded for 3 hours on the side of the road because his truck broke down. She was 7 months pregnant at the time. She called me from the site and told me what had happened and said that she knew not to go on a long trip but it didn't occur to her to not make such a short trip and I told her it was any kind of travel like that and then she told me that there were only 5 men who showed up for her husbands meeting when it should have been at least fifteen and when she told him about my dream in relation to what had just happened to them he was REALLY weirded out. I've known when my daughter was in the hospital, hurt, worried. I've known when her new baby was sick. I used to call my mother when I had feeling about someone in the family being hurt or dead and after years of getting these calls she finally told me to never call her and tell her again when I called her at 4 in the morning to tell her that a family member had passed away but I didn't know who and that she needed to start calling around to find out. She called her children first and we were all fine and then she called a cousin and sure enough one of our cousins had died in a car accident. I also knew when a friend of my then husband had been killed. I better stop before this becomes a book.