My Current Home Is Haunted

The apartment I live in now is in a 125 year old converted home. The home used to be the general store for the settlement that used to be on the poperty. There seems to be several spirits os different types in the building and on the property. We have a research team coming out next week to investigate.
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You need to be careful I know you want answers because I have been through this. I lived in a house 10 years the last five was pretty strange never really thought much about the occurances that was happening, but I have to say the last 9 months have been hell. I have lost everything job, house, son, I would be homeless if not for my mother. I am 48 years old and 9 months ago things started flying around my house! I called 2 different churches to bless the house. The catholics would not get involved. I called TAPS out, they have a branch in Wills Point Tx they confirmed the house had ghost only to later find out it was not a ghost we then thought it was a poltergiest becuase my son was getting thrown around into the furniture and walls, even at school in front of the teachers, later not much later we found it to be a demon. The church says we are not suppose to speak to the dead or the demons. So be careful. What ever you do, do not be fearful of it!! You could always play christian music to try to run it off. God is my rock! The bible speaks of demons some how people think it was only in the days that JESUS walked the earth! But they are here today more than ever!!!!!

I totally intend to haunt a place after I suffle of my mortal coil! I will be the best ghost ever!

No, not many older homes here. 400 year old chapel and crypt? How amazing. I am envious. Do you have any photos?

I'm amused by the way you state the ages of your houses like they are particularly old. I guess houses aren't often old where you are.. Makes me smile. :)<BR><BR>I used to live in a 400-year-old desanctified chapel. It had a crypt below the room I slept in. The crypt had been emptied, of course before the chapel was converted into a house. I used to keep my bike inside the crypt, with the gardening stuff. There is a large graveyard next door to the chapel, and it's still in use as the village graveyard. The loft is full of bats. I like it there. :)<br />
Never seen or heard a ghost though.

It is a bit intimidating I must say. I will share what we find out though.

That is so interesting! Will you be sharing the results of the research team? What a fun thing to watch and learn about.I hope your spirits are friendly!