I've Lived In Many and Still Do...

before i was born my siter died and when i was 3 or 4 living in my families first house i would always tell my mom and dad that there was a lil girl with long gold hair who talks to me at nite,they thought i was imagining things so they were like"oh you did,well tell her that your trying to sleep" they didnt understand me and i knew that even at that age.  The girl continued to appear in my room and she would always whisper in my ear for some reason though she comforted me i felt a bond and connection to her so i listened to her.  One night i told the girl that my parents didnt believe me, she told me to ask about the white teddy bear and see what would happen.  The next day i told my parents yet again about the girl i kept seeing they thought she was my imagineary friend.  We were eating breakfast when i asked "the white bear?" my parents looked at me like i was a freak"what" they asked. "The lil girl at night she asked me what happened to her big white bear she got b4 her surgery" that moment my mom started crying and i was confused, i didnt like to see my mom upset like that.  My dad then came up to me and asked me if i was joking and i said no, he then pulled out a pic of my relatives and family friends who i had never seen b4 he asked me to point out the lil girl, i looked and i finally found her pic, the pic was of a sweet golden haired girl whit big brown eyes and a beautiful smile, later i found out that it was my sister....I've had other ghost encounters since then i lived in amish country in pennsylvania and one day i was up in my room when all of a sudden my chair on the other side of my room flew at me, i was scared i ran down stairs to tell my parents, my mother seemed to believe me but not my dad, things on my bookshelves started to shake at night and i was scared, i would tell my mom and i would sleep in the guest room downstairs...we then moved from the property but the stories dont end there...we moved to ohio into a 20 yr old house, i was at school one day when my mom says that she was cleaning me and my brothers bathroom when she heard giggling, she thought it was my brother cause he wasn't old enough to go to school yet, she turns around to find nothing, she thinks my brother is playing with her so she starts singing and looks behind her shoulder, she hears gigling again, she turns and goes to say my brothers name when she sees a strange pale lil boy in our hallway as soon as he knew he saw her she said you would have thought that he was playing a game, he laughs and squels and runs around the corner and just disapperars, my mom kept this a secret intill i saw him, i was doing my homework when i hear "what'd ya doing" not lookin up i say"doing my math homework" there was a pause and then he says"man u and jimmy do that alot dont ya" i was shocked i had never heard my brother say the name jimmy nor did i think he knew a jimmy i turn around to see a sweet lil boy who says "ill be in the back yard if u want to play"

i was in shock my jaw dropped i wasnt scared but worried.  When my dad wasnt home i approached my mom and told her what happened she then told me her story and said that she had saw the lil boy about 2 months ago.  My mom was worried and wanted to know more about the lil boy, she decided she would ask about the lil boy to our next door neighbors who had lived there since the nieghborhood was built.  My mom saw them out when day and when to talk to them they had a nice conversation when my mom asked about the lil boy.  they really didnt no wat to say at first but they said that the first owners of the house had 2 lil boy's one was about 5 and the other was 11.  the family was very close and always did things together but one day they never saw the lil one anymore, rite after that an ambulence came to the house and they carried out a body.  the parents then divorced and moved. apparently the lil boy had pancriatic cancer and his body couldnt handle it and just gave up. we always see the lil boy running throughout the house but we let him be...hes not hurting any one.  my friends will come over and see things and they tell me and ill just say "oh so you see our lil guest" they get used to seeing him as much as us

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WOW, you're really lucky, sometimes ghosts be more kind than humans, I wish I could see them too, I really want to come and see this boy.<br />
By the way, maybe I didn't see ghost till now, but I also have true dreams, always see something that happen later.

We learned earlier that Satan, as “the god of this system of things,” uses worldly governments and false religion to blind people to Bible truths. (2 Corinthians 4:4) Another important way that wicked spirits mislead men and women is through spiritism. <br />
<br />
What is spiritism? <br />
<br />
It is the getting in touch with wicked spirits, either directly or through a human medium. Spiritism brings a person under the influence of the demons. The Bible warns us to keep free from every practice connected with spiritism.—Galatians 5:19-21; Revelation 21:8.<br />
<br />
Divination is a very common form of spiritism. It is the practice of trying to find out about the future, or about something unknown, with the help of unseen spirits. This is shown by what the Christian disciple Luke wrote: “A certain servant girl with a spirit, a demon of divination, met us. She used to furnish her masters with much gain by practicing the art of prediction.” The apostle Paul was able to free the girl from the power of this wicked spirit, and no longer was she able to foretell the future.—Acts 16:16-19.<br />
<br />
Many persons are interested in spiritism because it is mysterious and strange. It fascinates them. So they become involved with witchcraft, voodooism, hypnotism, magic, astrology, Ouija boards or something else connected with spiritism. They may read books about these things, or go to movies, or watch television programs about them. They may even go to a meeting where a medium seeks to contact the spirit world. But all of this is unwise for a person who wants to serve the true God. It is also dangerous. It can lead to real trouble now. Also, God will judge and cast away from him all practicers of spiritism.—Revelation 22:15.

Nice story thanks for sharing

i would love to study the paranormal<br />
and sometimes i think i do have a gift<br />
ill hear and see things that some but not most people can hear and see<br />
my friends always make fun of me cause i always have these dreams where i see something that happens later <br />
this kind of scares me but i feel prepared when it does i write all my dreams down in a dream diary and ill flip through and put a check mark next to the ones thats really happened later<br />
thanks for the comments n_n

That's interesting. Its good that you're not afraid and it seems you're willing to accept your gift. I'm not sure how I'd react to seeing ghosts. Never saw one. I'm very interested in exploring the paranormal though

if you truly have this gift then you should learn to develop it, it may come in use.