It Infected My Laptop.

An old, old home, which I was renting. Off and on "weird" stuff happening there: creepy sounds and odd things like that. Not creaking floors and banging pipes, either. There would be demonic sounding screeches and such, in the evening.

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8 Responses Aug 11, 2009

You can tell it that it must respect you while you live there. If you ask it to leave, it will retaliate. If you give it rules, it must follow's the law.

Yeah, it's gone now.

ok.... hope I can find another story to read on here somewhere....

No means no.

Not mocking, but you didn't give us the meat of the story! Inquiring minds want to know! C'mon..... don't leave us hangin'.... I love a good ghost story!

Since you obviously wish to mock me... none of your business!

Soooo, it infected your laptop how exactly?

Ghosts!!!!!! My house used to have ghosts in it until i got something green and jabbed them with it really hard.