An Old Brick House

After moving out of our 1st home we had the ill-luck of moving into another house that I believe was haunted.

I believe the house was built in 1919, my grandparents remember seeing it when they where kids. My grandparents purchased the house in the late 80's and owned it for a little over 4 years. My mom, sister and I lived there for 2 years, moved away, and then came back for about 3 months right before it was sold. The house  was/is big so I will go floor by floor:

Basement - Not too much happened down here but we didn't go down there much.

1. My mom would hear noises from the large open part of the basement when she would go down there to do laundry, just small random noises that one would just dismiss if it weren't for our large German Shepard dog growling at the doorway to that section.

1st Floor -

1. After living there for a year (during our original stay) my sister and I were going out the back door to play in the yard, the door was open but the screen door (which had glass in it) was closed and when my sister went to open it the glass shattered INWARD, luckily she wasn't hurt. I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw it happen, my grandparents were upset and thought that we had somehow broken it.

2. My mom and step-dad had their bedroom downstairs during the time we stayed there for 3 months (before that it had been my grandparents, they moved South to retire and we stayed there until the place was sold). During the night, all night, they heard people walking up the stairs and down the hallway. They would also hear the dresser drawers in my room open and close since my room was above them. My sister and I heard nothing of the sort, we just slept through it.

3. Not too long before the house was sold my mom was in her room reading a magazine and she heard a deep voice yell at her from her closet "GET OUT", which she did.

2nd Floor -

1. The house had been used as a duplex before my family had purchased it and the upstairs had a room that had been converted into a kitchen which my grandparents left intact. One night when my mom and step-dad where getting dinner ready my sister asked for a drink, I had my back to the cupboard but heard the crash as the cup flew out of the cupboard and smashed itself on the floor. It freaked my family out.

2. We had two cats that refused to go down the hall.

3. My sister was walking downstairs one day and felt a hand push her between her shoulder blades which caused her to fall down the stairs. My grandma and I were the only other people home at the time and we were in the downstairs kitchen, we ran to my sister and she was physically fine but emotionally upset. My grandma told me to not leave her anywhere alone in the house from then on (other than the restroom of course) so I ended up being her constant babysitter.

4. In the living room area upstairs I went by myself to get a box to bring down to the moving truck, felt the hairs stand up on my neck as I was searching for a box, and when I turned around an old man was walking through the room! He went from the kitchen to the hallway, he wore a yellow shirt and brown slacks, I could see him but at the same time I could see through him! I ran down stairs.

Attic - The house had a huge attic with tall ceilings, 2 bedrooms and a loft. We only used the attic for storage and didn't often go up there.

1. During the time we were selling the house my mom and step dad went up one night to arrange boxes on one side to make taking them down an easier task. My sister and I were in the upstairs living room when we heard my step dad yell, our parents running down the attic stairs, the door slam, and then they went to their room. My mom refuses to this day to tell us what happened up there.

2. Also during the time we were selling the house (this happened in the day time) my grandpa, step-dad and mom where having a yard sale to get rid of anything my grandparents didn't want. I was outside watching things with them when my mom asked me to please go get my sister to help out. I went into the downstairs kitchen were my grandma was cooking and asked her where my sis was. She was upset that I didn't have her with me and told me to go look for her immediately. I found my sister upstairs in my bedroom playing with my dolls that had previously been packed up, I was about to yell at her when I got this feeling that we needed to leave the area immediately. I told her that our mom needed her outside right now, she said that our mom was in the attic because she heard noises up there. I said "You know this house is haunted, ******* no one is up there!", I then told her where everyone was. She refused to believe me and I told her to come with me to the attic door and call up there to see if mom was really there. We opened the door and my sister said "Mom are you up there?" I was about to say see no one's here when a woman replied "Yes dears come on up"... NOT my mom's voice at all! My sister started walking up the stairs, I grabbed her arm and said "That's not mom, she doesn't sound like that!". My sister had this look of realization and we ran down the stairs as fast as we could. My grandma was still in the kitchen and the rest of my family was outside. I would say the interaction level of this experience makes it one of the scariest for me. I know the lady sounded nice but I can't ignore the pushing my sis down the stairs event.

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that's very interesting, very very interesting. i bet i could help you with this... if you still need help of course. uhm well i guess im kind of a ghost investigator, i'v been doing this all my life. mostly because i have psychic abilities. One thing is dont be scared because they know when your scared and they will use that against you ok? next lets see try to call them when your not scared and ready to get down to business one thing iv learned when i was little is that ghosts they have a few weaknesses one is salt they hate it but i wouldnt throw it at them this soon because the'yll be angry and you dont want that. next lets see.... ok so when and if they come to you when you call them ask them why they are bothering you and what they want. remember dont be SCARED. or nervous be confident. if they tell you what they want than thats damn good if they dont and laugh at you just leave them alone and kind of mix them up by saying random things like "oh do you like carrot cake by the way" and things of the sort. it messes them up because your asking how they feel about the situation and bla blah blah well you get the whole idea. if there still annoying you then try to move out or something cuz ...yeah ill try to figure out what to do next but careful there might be some "fake" ghost investigators that ill pull you in it deeper just for the money. ok well GOOD LUCK! :) and try to not freak out

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I no longer live in the state where it happened (Ohio) but if I owned the house today I would definitely get someone out there.

As someone that has done many paranormal investigations, I think that you have experienced some very interesting things in this house. Looking through your stories, it seems like several of them are based around the time that your family was leaving this dwelling... in a time of movement and turmoil. I would definitely contact a local paranormal investigation group and let them know about this house.

holy crap!! you should give the address to ghost investigators, it would make a good show!