Ghost In the Mirror

During the 2 yrs we were away from my grandparents brickhouse, my family lived for 1 yr in a townhouse apt. While there only one weird thing happened.

I went into the bathroom to brush my hair while my sister and mom were downstairs watching TV and my step-dad was at work. I started to brush my hair when I noticed that there was a person standing in the bathtub. The person was a blond man wearing a gold colored robe. Not a regular robe but one that perhaps a monk would wear only gold colored with a pattern on it and no apparent hood. I looked at him and just couldn't believe he was there. While standing in shock I felt the brush get knocked out of my hand, when I went to pick it up I thought "He'll be gone, ghost disappear once you stop looking at them", no, not this one. The man was still standing there so I ran downstairs and told my mom. She went upstairs but no one was there. After that I wouldn't go into the bathroom without putting a towel over the mirror and bringing one of our cats into the room with me. Plus I spent every shower against the wall near the showerhead because he appeared near the back. I still get freaked out a bit by bathroom mirrors that face the tub.

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Some beliefs say that mirrors in certain circumstances can reflect the non perceived world. Ok so that sounds a little crazy so here is a better explanation.....In most cases if the image reflects does not show black or darkened eyes or presence the it is not harmful. In fact you may have briefly been in contact with the opposite....maybe even for a second you saw a angel. Ether way you can trust that it was not there to hurt you or you would have seen something quit me!

Intresting story,even though it scared you.I would love to see a ghost sometime,as I am intrested in paranormal.

ooh , freaky