Every House..

 I'm actually followed by a ghost. He a malicious little bugger, but he's never actually hurt anyone. He follows me to every house I've lived in, he just scares the **** out of people and gives off really bad auras... But he USUALLY only come out at night. Although he's been known to make appearances in daylight too.  

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Can i tell you something heart to heart? Ghosts aren't real!

my mother is followed by a spirit. It's been in every house we've lived in. I used to be scared of it, it guards her and doesn't care if you're her relative or not. It can be really nasty as well...but i recently learned that spirits have a law just as we do, that they must obey. You must be of certain spirtual stature, but if you make a rule to a spirit, the spirit must obey. Not sure what the stature is, as it doesn't seem to work for everyone, but it works for me. As soon as I gave it the rule that it must repsect me, and my spirit, it has been very pleasant...and so has my mother...

Christopher is right. If they are following you they will not leave until attempted possession. I was followed for years until I had the feeling of something grab my hair and I had my one and only out of body experience. Something pushed me back though, but while I was out of my body I saw my body, and someone speaking through it. after that, it never came back. my suggestion to you is when the feeling of anything uneasy is around is when you need your faith as a shield of armor. let them know they are not welcome in god's house. for it says you are his temple, say the lord's prayer and in doing so imagine god's light surrounding u to where it blinds them and everything else out. feel the warmth, feel the protection, know god is stronger than they. let god fill you, do not question the shield, be the shield. all things are done through christ who strengthens them. it is a spiritual battle that you cannot fight on your own. it is quite literal when people say there is a demon on one shoulder and an angel on the other. make your choice who overcomes you, you know who has the upper power.

The second comment is correct....THIS is a DEMON! You are giving it the power by allowing it to do what you explain. Lower level demons feed off fear and hatred. If this has occurred for multiple years you need to seek help as you can become perceptive to possession! As crazy as it seems!

sounds more like a demon than a ghost!!

Wow, that is a very interesting story. Where did you first encounter this spirit? Why do you think that it has followed you for so long? How does this entity present itself during the daylight hours, since less than 1/2 of 1% of all spirit sightings manifest themselves during daylight hours? Do you experience apparitions? Or is it just noises/smells? Would love to hear more!