For the last one year and half, I lost many parts of my life. I had to quit my job, my health was bad, my friendships changed, my relationships didn't work out, and even my car was gone. I have read stories about people who have gone through a loss crisis and always wonder if I could go through the same. Well, I went through it all right. In a way, I felt that life is preparing me for something new. The hardest part was letting go of my old life and the things that belonged to it. It is not that easy when we are emotionally attached to our comfortable, familiar every day things and situations. From these years, I learned to let go of things even when I don't want to. Of course, there was a grieving process for what was lost, but at the same time, there was hope something is coming. As Tony from West Side Story would sing, "Who knows... there's something due any day, I will know right away, soon as it shows."
palabok palabok
36-40, M
Dec 5, 2014