But If Tiger Is Playing ...

I can watch all four rounds every week if Tiger is in the field ...  without him, I lose interest easily.  They are obviously all good golfers, but  Tiger has all the shots ... just amazing ...  My game is pool, and watching him makes me more talented, go figure! 

Winter was longer when he was injured.  Once football is done is when I really watch a lot more golf, but not this year, until now that Tiger is just back on tour, right on! ...  There's only about 10 games left in the NHL season, so I'll start watching that more, with the playoffs coming next month.  If I watch too much hockey early, I'm burnt out about now, so I saw a lot of movies this winter :)

I purposely avoid hearing golf results until I can get home and watch the highlights ...  it's like a steeplechase ...  tried keeping score on paper once, a lot of jockeying for position ... it's great! ...  and I've never picked up a club ...  a friend told me I would love playing so much, I'd get obsessed with it.  He knew me well ... I'm already obsessed with pool ... so I heeded his warning :) ...

Maybe ten months later, I'm watching a WGC event in Shanghai ...  and in the second round, Tiger is three behind the leader, and just lipped out on two birdies :) ...  to watch all the other players go through chaos around him, Tiger gets par at worst ... it's not so much a horse race, as a matter of time :) ...  This can be better than American football on a Sunday ;)

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Some of the shots they pull off are more than luck, and tv usually only shows the good ones ...

You're right about Ernie. I still have my eye on The Big Easy. He did much better in the British Open than it looked like he would the first day. Normally I only get to watch on the weekend. I don't find it boring, I often think it's exciting. At least I understand it, unlike a lot of other sports...lol. : )

Ernie tried too hard while he was injured, but he's shooting well lately, and will come back ... excellent green-reader :) ... With Tiger playing, it becomes a horse race, and he usually makes it a four-day tournament ;)

I've never played golf either. But I do love watching it on weekends. The golf courses are so beautiful, especially where they play the Masters. I'd love to just walk that course.<br />
Ernie Els is my favorite. But he had a knee injury a couple years ago and he's just never really come back. Tiger is just amazing.

Last run to the playoffs coming up ... It should be good to see who else makes it in :) ... Canucks and Leafs are my teams ...

I'm an avid hockey fan so I can see your thrill at the shots! :P

Completely valid points in that environmental factors are involved, I'm a water sciences technician myself, but when Tiger makes a run of shots, there's nothing like it ...

To me, golf seems to be such a boring spectator sport. I've never played before but I have a problem with the huge water waste keeping the greens watered and the runoff from the fertilizer into our rivers and streams. With our record droughts, I believe they should let the greens go brown and then still let the enthusiasts play. Just my 2 cents worth. I'd hate to ruin what you like watching. LOL :~p