Because I...

...already have a naturally tan skin tone.  I'm tan during the winter, and during the summer, I just get even more tan. 

I don't sunburn either.  Oh yeah! :P

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5 Responses Feb 15, 2009

YeaOhYea AND izacrazybitch4rea Its all good and I know Mother nature Loves you body and soul. I just wish I was young enough to be there with you...DD

haha yeah you're right :P

awww that sucks!

don't be jealous! i have a darker skin tone but i also have really bad, oily skin. yuck. that's nothing to be jealous over :P

OK - I am OFFICIALLY jealous now! Before - I was just a closet jealous of you (since you are beautiful) but all that and dark skin too? I burn - then peel. then repeat when the sun comes back - and I live in the desert ... nice ... :)