Never Have Been to One

its probably because i'm not big on the leathery oompa loompa look.  but that's just me. 

seriously, i have some oompa loompa family members and aquaintances... it's just not for me though.  i love the color orange but that's just going too far.

not that there's anything wrong with it... to each their own, right?

merisszzilla merisszzilla
36-40, F
2 Responses Feb 15, 2009

thanks, couldn't agree with you more, runnagirrl. maybe a verse to the oompa loompa song could be added. they covered watching too much tv, being a brat, etc.... add going to tanning beds? maybe?

haha, leathery oompa loompa, that's a good one! i agree, to each their own, but i personally think tanning beds are major health hazards AND, as you pointed out, they make people look like dried out willy wonka characters, lol. i'll pass on that, thanks!