Even though I am 28 I have many of the same behavioral issues that I had growing up under the very watchful eye of my mom. Smart mouth, overly sarcastic, disrespectful to elders, laziness, procrastination etc...I often feel guilty about my behavior after the fact and feel the need to be punished. I do my best to re-create those teen-girl spankings imagining that it is my mom dealing it out. She had basically 2 approaches. The first is sudden anger and instant justice. I will drop what I am doing and walk fast and determined to the kitchen and open the drawer where the wooden spoon lives, yank down my pants and panties and bend over the island to spank fast and hard. It takes my breath away and stings like the devil as many of you know firsthand from your moms wooden spoon.

The other method is much more common and the one that I use when I have plenty of time. I will carefully iron and put on my punishment clothes while thinking about the trouble ahead. Then I pile 2 pillows in the middle of the bed and get the sturdy wooden spanking brush and place it on the bed. I go to the corner and imagine mom standing behind me glaring angrily and telling me off. She was not at all calm and measured like the parenting books say you should be lol. She was VERY verbal throughout, often slapped us, and led us roughly by our hair or ear. And most definitely spanked in anger! So I let the memories flood back as I leave the corner and take my panties down to my knees. Then I go across her "lap"(the pillows) and turn my skirt up over my back and pick up the brush. The spanking itself leaves much to be desired by moms old standards but it does hurt alot and helps relieve some of the guilt.

The negatives are well known of course. I am right-handed so my left cheek gets less than the right. And I know where the next spank is going to land so I can prepare for it. Being in control is the worst part by far. The uncertainty of not knowing how many more spanks or where they will land is so powerful...the feeling of desperation that makes the tears flow freely.

Sorry such a long post...got carried away with detail I guess...lol
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Too bad u don't have someone to put u otk n give u a good hard spanking when u need one

yes I agree with you, but at least you are getting that bottom warmed! !!!!! wish I could help you out, would love to! !!!!!

A few weeks ago I got my first spanking I self spanked until tonight I was lucky enough to meet a woman and we got together tonight
The embarrassment of havering your bare bottom spanked is some thing I don't think I will ever get over
But I love it too

Why not just confess to your mum, or someone else, that you still need spanking?

I do much the same Kym but nowhere nearly as often as I should nor as hard as Mom would

Thank you , Kym, for that explanation. I have self-spanked too. I'd love to hear more about you!

Very nice post and not too long at all. I tried self spanking and found that I just don't have the imagination to enjoy it. :(

Sweetie you don't have to be so tough on yourself like this..
you were abused as a child, you don't have to re-live those experiences again..
if you really want a loving caring spankings, then you should seek a loving partner to give you those spankings while loving you and caring about you..

Good reply my ghost-white butt one. :-)

Thank you for reminding me of the case of my butt!!
I forgot about it!!
Men !!

You don't have a loving man to give the needed soreness in your bottom to help you become the better woman that you want to be.?

I hope you will become a mom just like your mom. I think you had a good mom!

Excellent writing and great emotion - my Stepmother was also very verbal when scolding and I hated how she would drag me around by my ear lobe and my tears flowed freely when she spanked me, even as a teen.
Until what age were U spanked?

Thanks for the compliments! I was subjected to childish spankings until I left home at 18 although they were not as frequent at that age. But the harsh scoldings and rough treatment only intensified as I got older if I was stupid enough to trigger a punishment. It sounds like you know all about the intense embarrassment as I do.

Yes, I know the feeling of being an older teen and being spanked longer/harder because my Stepmother wanted to make sure I "learned my lesson." Which meant the whole "panties down" and scolded part got more and more embarrassing and she spanked until I was bawling/begging like a 10-yr-old !

Glad you hear you are able to self spank most can't. But sounds like you really need to find someone to do it for you.

I don't go in for instant retribution but my approach to premeditated punishment is very similar to yours. I even have a punishment uniform - what's yours like?
My punishments always start (but also end) with corner time. I determine the number of strokes in advance and try to make sure each one is given as hard as possible. If I fail to complete the punishment satisfactorily it is repeated the following day but doubled!
It's not the same as getting it from someone else (I know!) but better than no punishment at all.

I have self spanked as well now I have a few spanking friends which is much better what age were u spanked to at home?

I'd love to hear more if you care to share, send me a message

I also like to self spank. i use a cane in most cases.