1st Rescue

When I got back home today, there was a lad, aged about 14, in next door's garden. I asked him what he was doing & he said he was trying to rescue a blackbid that had fallen off the wall. I had a look & it was a female in all the brambles. The young boy & I managed to eventually get her out. I wrapped her in a towel & took her up to the RSPCA & saw 'Ed the vet'. As he took her out the towel, she took her last breathe & died.


Not sure if it was the female blackbird with the poorly leg that has been visiting my garden recently but sounds like it. He said she was very thin & showed me what to look for...you could feel all her little ribs. He said if she did have a bad leg/foot she wouldn't have survived very long anyway. She has now gone off to a animal crematorium & to be scattered in a field.

pitstopbunny pitstopbunny
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2 Responses Mar 26, 2010

Sad but you did what you could do. Few months ago, I stopped my car and helped a pigeon who lost its wings. The dropping was all over the car but poor creature survived

Very sad. as an amputee I can relate to animals with bad legs.