My Life

When I started lowering my standards and letting others used me I stopped caring about my life. I didn't noticed at the time, but some of my decisions has caused me great pain. I've lost myself a long time ago while searching for love and trying to hold on to somethings that was not good for me. I used to care about myself. I used to like myself. I used to love myself. I've became very careless and had a nonchalant way of thinking about my life. Just recently, After experiencing another heartbreak and being used, I finally stood up for myself. I finally found the strength to eliminate things/people in my life. I've count it a lost and moving on. I don't want to lingering on this anymore. I have to pick myself up. It's a procress and its hard to let go things you once loved. But I have to get to to the point of caring and loving myself like I once did. I promise myself I will never let anyone walk over me or make me feel less than. I'm taking it one day at a time to learn self love. I believe its worth it. I can't expect for someone else to care about me, if I don't care about myself.

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31-35, F
1 Response Dec 3, 2012

Thanks and I'm trying my best not too. It's hard but I'm so tired of people trying to used me. I'm finally starting to take control of my life and my happines and that mean excluding the things that's hurting instead of helping me.