I Am a Slave!

Hi Friends:

I hope you all read this and pass this on to your friends.

I live in Mumbai, India and I work for an International Call Centre.

I  am treated like a slave here...

Forced to work over time...not given time to take a dinner break...not given time to go to the washroom...not allowed to even get a drink of water during my shift.

If I am ill...I am forced to come to work else they would terminate me.

I am at my wits end.

Is there no law regarding this?

Can anyone please help me?








vee1611 vee1611
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7 Responses Feb 16, 2009

you can sue ur company in labour court.

plz msg. can try get new job.

Come and live in England where the laws are better and you will be more respected for what you do

well no one can force u to work....even govt rule says that u cann't call female to attend office in night...<br />
loo is ur natural cause no one can stop u going to loo...

Take up a blow job!!it pays much more & u are on yr own always..!!

Get another job!!!! Why are you take it up. you should simple quit.

Hi Veena, Meet me... will take you to proper counsel for the guidance...