People Misunderstand The Passion Of Shy Teenagers

By the age of fifteen, I was a cunning young lad. I had already given small amounts of money to little girls in the country. I actually had an obsession: I had an enormous longing for sex. When I first understood the nature of this desire, I tried to get my elder sister on my side, so to speak.

“Tessa, can I get in the bed with you for a while?”
“Oh, all right. Don’t mess up the blankets this time, Bruce.”
“Weren’t you asleep, then?”
“Nah, I don’t like it when Mum and Dad stay out so long.”
“I’ve got this assignment for our English Essay. I can’t get started on it. Not properly.”
“What’s the title, Bruce?”
“My Happiest Day on Holiday.”
“You could write about being with cousin Nigel, in Cornwall, last year.”
“Anyway, how’s my big sister doing at school?”
“Me? Pretty average. I’m going for the skating team. What about your cricket?”
“Tessa, I haven’t had a really decent score, this season. So far, anyway.”
“Hey, Bruce, stop pulling at the blankets. I’m going to doze off. Just don’t disturb me, right?”
“So anyway, what happened to that so-called ‘hunk’ boyfriend of yours?”
“You know I’m not supposed to see him. It’s ridiculous. I’m nearly seventeen and I can’t go out on a date. Yet we’re allowed to have him to the house for tea.”
“Yeah, I hope that never happens to me!”
“You’re only fourteen, you know. Actually, with a boy it’s different. You boys get to play sport, or pretend to, and then meet your chosen heart-throb after school. There’s not the same control for you boys as with girls.”
“How do you mean, Tessa?”
“Well, for example, Mum still sneaks a look at my diary. Plus I know that she checks in my school satchel. It’s pretty silly, ‘cos if did get a note from Malcolm, I certainly wouldn’t keep it with my school books.”
“For sure.”
“Anyway, anyway, it’s still a secret and don’t tell anyone, Bruce, but one day we might get engaged.”
“You and Malky? He’s not even finished College. How could you get married?”
“Bruce, we’re getting a lot more keen on each other. He’s kind of romantic, and I don’t want to lose his friendship.”
“Yes, but marriage! Wow, that’s like a big step, and not cool. Plus there’s all the children that might get born, and you have to buy a house and settle down.”
“Yes, well anyway, don’t mention this plan in front of the parents, not even by accident.”
“Of course not. Umm... Tessa?”
“Can I ask you something? Have Malcolm and you ever done heavy petting…?”
“Bruce, this is ridiculous. You want to talk about kissing or petting, and you’re not even in long trousers yet!”
“Actually, Tessa, I kind of wondered if you and Malcolm have gone the whole way.”
“You mean, have I had sex with him? Of course not. I don’t want to get pregnant.”


“Listen, Bruce, no buts. Just go to sleep now. And leave that blanket on my shoulders.”
“Tessa, do you like it when I pop in here and have a late-night talk session?”
“Mmmm, it’s cozy.”
“And is it nice when I kind of lay against your back? I know you start snoozing ‘cos you feel all warm.”
“Sure. It’s nice to laze in bed together. But Mum and Dad don’t really like it, so you better go back to your room now. They’ll soon be home.”
“Tessa, do you and Malcolm do any tongue-kissing, I mean, do you…?”
“Bruce, don’t ask and you won’t hear anything that’s not to like.”
“Yes, but I’ve got nobody here like Nigel, to talk things over with. Nobody to tell me what to do when I meet the one-and-only girl.”
“Bruce, trust me. When you meet her, you’ll know what to do.”
“How do you mean?”
“The whole purpose of love and sex is the boy lies between the girl’s thighs, gets an erection and then he penetrates her. It’s the same all over the world. You don’t need advice. All humans have an instinct for reproduction. Otherwise we wouldn’t be here, or get born.”
“Yes, I know, but what if a girl refuses to lie down and let me take off her knickers, and do the whole act?”
“Well, for a start-off, you don’t really have to pull down her panties. You can just move them aside with your fingers.”
“Like this?”
“Hey! Stop it, Bruce! What the hell do you think you’re doing? Leggo my panties.”
“Well, you used to let me feel under your bra.”
“That was different. You can’t get pregnant with your breasts.”
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66-70, M
May 14, 2012