As Kids, We Yearned To Behave Like Adults In Bed, But We Showed Far More Discretion

“So Bruce, Mum and Dad will be back in a mo. Hey, why did you turn the lights off.”
“Tessa, it’s better in the dark.”
“Oh all right, but it’s nice to chat in the light.”
“It’s nice that we trust each other, Tessa. We can talk about anything, you and me.”
“Yes, and do anything with each other, too!”
“Gosh, Tessa, it’s so snug and warm in your vagina. I never want to come back out.”

“Bruce, you’re in, and it’s totally safe, a last. With a Durex, I’m proud of you, Brucie. I can feel it getting bigger, and throbbing. From now on I don’t think I’ll ever say ‘no’ to you.”
“Gee, Tessa, I think I’ll roll you into the wheelbarrow position.”
“Mmmm…. no risk of getting me pregnant.”
“No risk at all, Tessa!”

“In this position, Brucie, you have to grip the side of my bottom with one hand and give me little slaps with the other one.”

“Rightio, Tessa.”

A few days later the boys had golf practice at Dudley Hills. The girls went in a coach to do domestic help at a Bromsgrove pensioners society. I occasionally saw girls walking a dog on the rolling fairway. The golf was a bit boring, but it was great to have three hours to myself on a summer’s afternoon.

The girl I have in mind must be pretty but babyish. Maybe not yet hairy, maybe about ten or eleven. I know exactly what to do. It’s all planned. I have a little tub of Johnson’s Baby Lotion in my pocket. I have a little money to give her, afterwards. All I need now is a girl of the right age and shape.

I wander up and down the afternoon golf course, checking every bush and shadow for a girl. Some are with their parents. One has a dog with her, but it looks dangerous. I want a girl who will pause and chat with me, not some kid tied up in a hound’s leash.

Towards six o’clock I gave up. I caught a bus to Droitwich, and then a train to Birmingham, New Street. Two girls tumbled into the carriage at Bromsgrove. One looked like a younger version of my sister Tessa. The other had freckles and gave me a sharp look. They slumped down on the leather bench, giggling and complaining.

“Are you going to New Street?” I asked.
“What if we are?”
“Oh, I thought you could tell me when we get there. I’m new to this area.”

“Naw, I’m getting off at Harborne. She’ll tell you.”
This little girl in an orange cardigan sniffs, and rolls some chewing gum to the other side of her mouth..

She gives me another look. She says: “You’ll know when we’re there.”

Twenty minutes later, the bigger girl, the Tessa-look alike, gets off the train.

“What’s your name, little girl?”

“I’m not a little girl. I bet I know a lot more than you do.”

“Stand up the. Let’s see if you’ve got any breasts.”

“Stupid, you don’t need breasts to be able to have sex.”

“That may be true. Come on, my name’s Bruce, and I really like your orange top and your long legs.”

“Okay, I’m Shirley. My friends call me Shirl. I’m real mad because my new boyfriend this afternoon stood me up.”
“Shirley, I’ll be honest with you. I really think you are too young to have boyfriends.”
“You can think what you like.
“Shirley, sit down here, on my knees, and let’s see if we can make up for your big disappointment.”
“All right, my new pal Bruce. You need to go fast, because this train stops every ten minutes, before Birmingham New Street.”
“Shirley, first I’m going to spread a little of this cream between your thighs, like this, see?”

A few minutes later, we were entwined round each other, moaning because my organ was too big to go in. She cupped it and pushed it. It seemed to bend up against her labia. It stopped there, like a traffic accident.

“Do it doggy, quick, Bruce; pull my buttocks aside. Slap it in, press it up, squeeze it in, please, do as I say.”
“You’re right, Shirley. It goes in better like this. There! Now you’ve got me.”
“Oh Bruce, I need your loving. Just love me up a bit.”
“How old are you, Shirl.?”
“Eleven, but I’ve been doing sex for nearly a year now. Are you able to come?”
“Yes, Shirley, but I don’t want t make you pregnant. I’ll come on your back.”

“Bruce, don’t do it yet. Be rough to me. Go on, please. Make me dance and jump.”

I took her phone number as we left the train. I never saw her again, but an hour later I told Tessa the details.
I was afraid Tessa might be jealous. But no. Not at all. Tessa wanted me to spin the story out till we met in her bedroom later that night.

I had a huge hard-on from the golf, and from Shirley, and from my sister’s interest in the railway carriage rocking, and Shirley and me bouncing in it.

“Oh little Brucie, have you got a big enough condom to fit on that?”
We were in our pajamas, mucking about, petting casually, on the landing, The parents were downstairs so we had to be exceedingly careful.
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66-70, M
May 14, 2012