Bloody Mistake!!!

So help me God this is true. I married at the young age of 15, got preg. at 16. While I was preg. my husband, myself, and our new little beagle pup rented a little ran down house in Oildale, Ca. I was 8 months preg. One evening my husband was in the front yard raking leafs. I looked out the window and seen him in the yard talking with the land lord so I stuck my head out of the door to see what the problem was and I heard the landlord ask why my husband didn't have his fat wife out helping him rake leafs in the yard. I was very shocked that the landlord would say something like that since I was 8 months preg. ,and feeling very fat it really didn't help my self esteem much, but I let the comment pass. One day our toilet backed up which meant that I had to have the rude landlord back out to get the toilet unplugged. Late in the afternoon while my husband was at work the landlord showed up with a pluming snake to unclog the toilet. So I let him in. He asked me a few questions about the toilet...Then he asked me. "Do you flush your doodads down the toilet?" Okay, lets think about this for a min. I was 17 and 8 months preg. I heard of doodads before. I remember my mom buying several boxes of cereal mix similar to chex mix called doodads. doodads consisted of a box of different cereals mixed together. So I thought the landlord was talking about flushing a bunch of different kinds of foods down the toilet. After thinking the question through I told the landlord no, I feed all of my doodads to the dog. I seen the look of disgust and horror come across his face, but I just smiled at him and showed him to the bathroom. He unclogged the toilet then told me to always throw my doodads in the trash and left. Later in the evening my husband came home. I was so happy that the toilet was finally unclogged I told my husband that the landlord came over and unclogged it, but he asked me if I flushed my doodads down the toilet, and I told him no, I feed them to the dogs. My husband had that same shocked look on his face, and said what? Really Deb? I said, Well of course I did, why? My husband started laughing and looking as if he was going to gag at the same time. I said what in the hell is your problem? My husband said. What in the hell is your problem. Do you know what he was talking about when he said doodads? I said. I thought he meant a bunch of food all mixed together like the doodad cereal...He laughed and said. No Deb, he was talking about tampons. Tampons are called doodads. And you said that you fed them to the dog? Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. He laughed for several mins. when my husband explained to me that tampons were called doodads I felt my face getting hot, I was so embarrassed!!! I thought my landlord knew I was preg. and hadn't worn a tampon in over 8 months, but I guess not. My husband said I should have told our landlord that our dog was a bloodhound.
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Dec 2, 2012