First Time On Her Knees

He had gone to a lot of trouble making arrangements for them to meet, and finally they were in his hotel room, admiring the view of the Pacific Ocean.
He had asked for a quiet room with a good view and now they were alone on his balcony looking at the Pacific. As she lent on the bacony talking nervoulsy about the boats in the distance and things that happened while waiting for him at reception, he admired her well shaped body. She kept her eyes on the sea while enjoying his eyes on her. She hoped that she pleased him.
He knew that he didn't want to seduce her or romance her. He didn't want things to be 'nice". He had made it clear in his emails what he wanted and she had accepted his invitation to meet without hesitation. If she was to be his *****, he wanted her to give herself to him. So he told her it had been a long trip and he needed a shower. There were drinks in the fridge and she should make herself at home.
In the shower he thought about what he had seen on the balcony, her well formed breasts and beautiful body. It might have been a long time since she was a teenager and that suited him. She was of an age where she knew what she needed. He wanted to be ready for her when he got out of shower, so he massaged his **** until it was swollen.
As he dried himself he didn't rush. He knew that she would be listening and waiting, maybe a little nervous. He wondered if he should have invited her in to watch him shower and to dry him off. Maybe next time he thought, but only if she proved to be the ***** he was looking for.
He put on the hotel bathrobe and opened the door, leaving the robe open and his **** exposed. She was standing in the middle of the room looking down. She was naked except for her light cotton dress that was open at the front. She had pleased him but he didn't smile. As he walked towards her, she kept looking at the floor.
He could see her **** was shaved, just as he had requested. Her breasts were perfect and her nipples erect.
He stood in front her, ran a finger over her breasts and said "On your knees Girl!". Without hesitaion she knelt down. She took his swollen **** into her mouth and began sliding her mouth up and down the shaft.  As she sucked his **** hard, he knew she was the ***** he had been looking for. When his **** became harder, he put his hands on each side of her head and began driving it deep into her mouth. She enjoyed having his hands on her, taking control.
And she enjoyed being his *****, more than she had imagined. She was glad he had not attempted to seduce her with words and he had allowed her to give herself to him. That is how she always thought it should be, between a man and a woman.
Then he said " *****, now I want you to lick my *******". No one had ever called her a ***** and she liked it. He turned around, bent over and held his  butt cheeks apart. Then she began licking his ******* eagerly , enjoying his warmth and giving him pleasure. Her arms tight around him, she knew he would be rough with her, not only with his words but with his hands. She was ready to feel his pain. 
Until that moment, she had never quite understood why she got wet just thinking about being treated like a ***** but now she was discovering why.

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What a vision, great story

hmmmmm....what a nice story to read with coffee...if there were a man in my bed I would go wake him the right way *wistful pixie smile*

Erotic as heck. very well written.